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Thursday, July 12 2018 - 22:17
World praises Indonesia for its SAR abilities
JAKARTA, Indonesia, July 12, 2018 /Antara-AsiaNet/ --

The world has praised Indonesia for its abilities in conducting search and 
rescue (SAR) service given this archipelagic country is highly disaster-prone 
and composed of 17,506 islands, with the total length of coastline reaching 
99.095 KM. 

"Indonesia has often experienced natural disasters so they have excellent 
abilities to investigate and respond to various incidents," said Greg Waldron, 
editor of a leading aviation magazine FlightGlobal as quoted on Wall Street 
Journal, on December 30, 2014, right after Indonesia SAR team (Basarnas) 
discovered the wrecks of AirAsia Flight QZ8501 crashed on December 28, 2014 in 
Java Sea. 

Mark Martin, an independent aviation consultant, Martin Consulting, said that 
Indonesia actually has unmanned ships capable of tracking the existence of 
objects under the sea. "If there is a plane sinking in the sea, I am sure, the 
Indonesian side can quickly track it and the search process will succeed," he 

It was further explained how the Basarnas is deemed to have been spesifically 
experienced in investigations and security measures in handling airplane 
accidents. An example, the Lion Air Boeing 737- 800 crashed down in the Bali 
sea on April 2013. Another example is the report made on the Sukhoi Superjet 
crash in Bogor, West Java, killing 45 people in May 2012. 

In addition to the field operation, the Indonesia Government is considered very 
capable in handling the situation when it comes to approaching the victim 
families. "Authority and the Aviation company are coordinating and cooperating 
well. They prioritize the families of the victims in this situation," said an 
aviation analyst Will Ripley as quoted by CNN.

Indonesian region is strategically located between two continents and two 
oceans, making it on the crossing spot of the busiest flight and shipping 
routes. Even though the technological advances have fortified the 
transportation, it, however, will always pose risks. 

This challenge will continue to grow alongside the modes of transportation 
development which makes the mobility of people and goods increase over time. To 
cope with the accident risk getting higher, Basarnas conducts continuous 
training programs and increase the availability of SAR equipment.

The existing equipment is currently still inadequate to reach the vast 
territory of Indonesia. Therefore, SAR operations are still heavily dependent 
on the other SAR potentials both government and private institutions. With the 
increased responsibilities assumed by Basarnas, it is expected that the 
fulfillment of SAR facilities and infrastructure can be adequately implemented. 

The Head of the National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas) Air Marshall M. 
Syaugi, S.Sos., M.M. stated that the success of SAR operation is determined by 
three factors, namely speed, accuracy, and competencies or human resources. 
"These three factors are the mandatories for all personnel to be able to 
respond to the challenges of the search and rescue service quickly, accurately, 
safely," said M. Syaugi.

Basarnas plays a critical role during all periods of disaster, conducting 
effective SAR operations efficiently, safely and securely, anytime and 
anywhere. Basarnas will be at the forefront of any ongoing natural disaster, 
saving lives and preventing more loss.

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SOURCE: Basarnas