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Wednesday, July 18 2018 - 17:42
Leading Blockchain-based Healthtech Platform, Aenco, Joins Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
SINGAPORE, July 18, 2018 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

Aenco, the world's first Blockchain-based healthtech digital financing 
solutions provider, has announced a major milestone in their project as they 
officially join Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) today. The membership of the 
renowned Ethereum standards platform which has top Fortune-500 companies on 
board is expected to provide a vital boost to Aenco's current partnership 
network and further build up of its ecosystem. 

Speaking about the milestone, Aenco's spokesperson said the decision is "a 
proof of the company's commitment to delivering project promises within the 
framework of the best enterprise features and requirements of the Ethereum 
ecosystem as provided by EEA". The bigger implication of this membership is 
that Aenco now has access to the world-class services available on the EEA 
platform. Notably, these services or resources available at EEA include best 
practices in governance models and accountability, clarity around IP and 
licensing models for open source technology as well as access to resources for 
leveraging Ethereum Blockchain technology to address specific industry use 

By becoming a member of the EEA, Aenco has taken a big step towards providing a 
stronger capacity drive across its value chain, particularly in delivering the 
promises of key services in supporting a robust healthtech ecosystem. Aenco 
will focus on the following products:

- AENCO IB Solutions (comprising of Aenco's smart wallet -- AEN CONNECT, 
digital exchange for HealthTech Participants -- AENX, Healthtech sponsorship 
platform, and ongoing research and data analysis for contributors and 
- AENCO Prime Solutions (Decentralized Prime Brokerage Platform); 
- AENCO Smartcap Solutions (Technology-driven Finance Platform for HealthTech 
Industry and Alternative Financing); and 
- End-to-end blockchain application development for sponsored healthtech 
projects to facilitate research collaboration, drug development, clinical data 
and services exchange, for example. 

The synergy between these two companies is expected to further expand the 
benefits of the revolutionary Blockchain technology to the healthtech industry 
of Aenco is at the forefront. Already, Aenco has positioned themselves to be 
industry leaders with their trailblazing value proposition to the healthcare 
technology sector via the smart solutions listed above as well as their overall 
growing ecosystem utility. 

Getting on the EEA platform, also helps Aenco capitalize on the leverage of an 
atmosphere of regulated entities to supply Blockchain-based financial solutions 
that effectively tackle challenges facing the industry. These challenges 
include lack of a robust financial ecosystem for healthtech innovations, high 
entry barriers and burdensome hurdles in fundraising, little or no options for 
start-ups requiring end-to-end digital capital solutions and lack of a 
credible, global-accredited standard for token sale best practices across 
relevant jurisdictions. 

Aenco's membership of EEA sets the stage for them to fully transform the 
healthcare technology sector through Blockchain's disruptive power. They can 
now focus on creating the enabling environment that will drive deep impact 
solutions, such as treatment and prevention of diseases as well as democratize 
entrepreneurialism in the sector through their Aenco community ecosystem. 

About Aenco Solutions Limited
Aenco consists of a team with strong corporate management experience from 
global investment banks and financial institutions, as well as blockchain 
technologists and enthusiasts. Aenco is the world's first blockchain-based 
healthcare technology financial solutions platform, connecting its ecosystem 
with the wider healthcare technology community.


SOURCE Aenco Solutions Limited