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Friday, July 20 2018 - 12:00
SANY's Brand-new Excavator Wins Thumbs-up from Overseas Clients
PEACHTREE CITY, Georgia, July 20, 2018 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

As the newest member of SANY's mini excavator family, the SY26U, is specially 
designed to meet higher requirements in urban construction, agricultural 
application, landscaping, and other applications. Targeting the U.S., European, 
and Australian markets, SANY America invited local clients to take a test drive 
at SANY's factory in order to get detailed feedback for further improvements.

Test Drive Lets Clients Know More 

Seeing is believing. SANY America recently organized an "Open House" event, 
inviting clients to take a test drive at SANY's factory in the U.S. 

Victae and Monkes, who are SANY's dealers in the U.S, were very satisfied with 
SY26U's digging force and speed after they tried the mini excavator. "The 
SANY's staff told me that SY26U's bucket digging force is 24.3kN and max arm 
digging force is 14.2kN, which makes the machine very powerful and able to load 
more soil or materials at a time. Its swing speed is 10 rpm and max travel 
speed is 4.5km/h, which means that the SY26U helps drive our construction 
projects to be completed ahead of schedule," Victae said. 

Tom is a dealer for machine rentals. He focused on SY26U's engine and operation 
performance. "SY26U's Yanmar engine ensures its reliability in tough working 
conditions. The eco-friendly Tier 4 Final engine can produce more power. The 
advanced SLSS hydraulic system, the optimal power control and the work mode 
selection greatly improve the machine's efficiency while reducing fuel 
consumption." Tom said that high efficiency and low fuel consumption are the 
greatest concerns for equipment renters and that the SY26U will perfectly meet 
his clients' needs. 

Shipped New Machines For Dealers to Try 

To let more clients experience SANY's products, SANY America shipped three 
SY26Us to three American dealers located in Salt Lake City, Long Beach, and 
Silverdale. Their clients and the local professional excavator operators gave 
their thumbs up to these brand-new machines. 

Mike, a client of the dealer KTE, purchased a SY26U mini excavator after he 
took a test drive. "The machine's operation is easy and comfortable. It has a 
large-sized display screen showing the machine's condition and optional 
attachments. Its TOPS/FOPS certified cab guarantees safe operation. SY26U's 
broad view and shock-absorbing mechanical suspension seat make the machine 
comfortable to operate." He added that the easy maintenance of the mini 
excavator was also a key factor for him. "It has a large engine hood, which is 
easy to open and enables me to easily complete daily maintenance. In addition, 
all key parts are placed in the back of the excavator, including the air 
filter, oil filter, water separator, oil dipstick, expansion tank, and oil 
filling mouth, greatly facilitating maintenance."

A number of SANY SY26U machines are being delivered to U.S, European, and 
Australian markets, aiming at offering quality, advanced, and convenient 
equipment for construction projects in these areas. 

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