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Tuesday, July 31 2018 - 17:00
Japanese Gov't, Japan World Expo 2025 Committee Beefing Up Bidding Activities to Host World Expo 2025
TOKYO, July 31, 2018 /Kyodo JBN-AsiaNet/ --

- Bringing Public-Private Sectors and Pokemon Together Ahead of Decision on 
Host Country in November -

The Government of Japan and the Japan World Expo 2025 Committee (hereinafter 
"the Committee") have been conducting activities at home and abroad seeking to 
host the World Expo 2025. From July 21, the Committee took the initiative to 
begin an event-oriented campaign in which Pokemon, one of the Committee's 
"Special Envoys (Mascot Characters)," boosts bidding activities at the Pokemon 
Center Mega Tokyo in Ikebukuro and elsewhere in Japan as part of efforts to win 
the bid to host the World Expo.

Photo: Campaign Venue


The campaign website "Pokemon EXPO Type Check" was launched in June to help 
people support the bidding activities together with Pokemon, and "original 
goods featuring Pokemon and the World Expo bid" began to be distributed from 
July 21 in the second phase of the campaign. In Japan where summer vacation 
already started, many people, mainly children and young people, flock to 26 
Pokemon Centers/Pokemon Stores (facilities to offer information on Pokemon and 
sell Pokemon-themed goods) across the country every day where original goods 
are distributed.

The Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo in Ikebukuro, one of the campaign venues, was 
crowded with smartphone-carrying children and Pokemon fans from Japan and 

As for "Pokemon EXPO Type Check," each visitor is diagnosed as one of the 
designated types after answering 10 questions about Pokemon and the World Expo. 
Then, each visitor can receive an original photograph (a supporter's 
certificate) taken together with Pokemon which varies from one type to another. 
Fifty-four Pokemon appear in the type check, allowing visitors to be excited 
about which Pokemon picture he or she can get.

Pokemon EXPO Type Check URL

This campaign is designed to help people enjoy supporting Japan's bid to host 
the World Expo together with Pokemon. In fact, it is not only enjoyable but 
constitutes an activity with social significance. As its rationale for hosting 
the World Expo, Japan is committed to contributing to the Sustainable 
Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations General Assembly. Each 
supporter's certificate of "Pokemon EXPO Type Check" lists the outcome of 
diagnosis as one of the goals. In short, visitors can touch on the World Expo 
and the SDGs through Pokemon while having fun, constituting important 
educational activities on social issues for young generations.

As the host of the World Expo is decided in November this year, each candidate 
country's campaign is entering the final stretch. To contribute to achieving 
the SDGs, Japan, setting out the theme of "Designing Future Society for Our 
Lives," has broached the idea of making the World Expo work toward solving 
problems faced by countries of the world rather than developing itself. To 
realize the SDGs' concept of "inclusiveness," Japan is conducting bidding 
activities involving not only the Government and business people but also the 
general public, including children and young people. Pokemon, which is popular 
among young people who have never experienced a World Expo, and a famous 
entertainer in Japan have become "Special Envoys" to serve as a bridge between 
state-level goals and grass-roots level interests.

If Japan wins its bid to host the World Expo, it will be the first such event 
to be held in Japan in 20 years since Aichi Prefecture hosted the World Expo 
2005. The World Expo 2025 will attract attention not only from neighboring 
countries but from around the world with the help of Pokemon's power.

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Source: Government of Japan and Japan World Expo 2025 Committee