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Tuesday, July 31 2018 - 17:03
Suzhou Chinese Orchestra charms Portland with folk music
PORTLAND, Oregon, July 31, 2018 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

The Suzhou Chinese Orchestra drew hundreds of Chinese folk music-lovers to the 
Lincoln Performance Hall at Portland State University last Friday with a "Charm 
of Chinese Music Concert".

The audience was deeply impressed with the young orchestra's great vigor and 
dedication. After the performance, the orchestra received a long standing 

"I traveled almost three hours from home to see the beautiful concert," said 
David Perkins, a Chinese-language teacher who lives in Sisters, Oregon, a town 
more than 150 miles from Portland.

Bonnie Miksch, director of Portland State University's School of Music, was 
also among the audience members who were thrilled to hear the Chinese 

"It is very interesting to me that instead of the violins, we have the erhu, 
which is of a very different timbre from the violin, and against the whole 
orchestra, a very special color, that I was very struck with. It's very rare to 
hear something like this, other than on TV, or YouTube, that kind of thing. 
It's very special to be upclose," Miksch said. 

The concert was conducted by Pang Kapang, who has conducted at the Golden Hall 
of Vienna 13 times. The repertoire included six carefully selected pieces: 
Celebration Prelude by Zhao Jiping, Jasmine Flower by Wenjin Liu, Butterfly 
Dream by Zhao Jiping, Variations of Emotion by Liu Changyuan, Peony Pavilion - 
Touring the Garden by Zhu Changyao, and Macau Capccio by Wang Danhong. 

The Peony Pavilion - Touring the Garden is adapted from a play of the world 
intangible heritage Kun Opera and is composed by famous erhu virtuoso and 
composer Zhu Changyao. At the concert, the piece was also accompanied by a 
classic singing of the Kunqu Opera by artist Wang Fang.

Founded last December, the orchestra now has more than 90 members, including 
renowned musicians and students from top-class music schools across the 
country. Famous conductor Pang Kapang is its artistic director and principal 

The concert is part of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the 
establishment of the Portland-Suzhou Sister City Association and relationship.

"This celebration is more important than ever to celebrate the many years of 
friendship and cooperation between our two cities, Portland and Suzhou, which 
help make our cities better places to live, work and play," Portland-Suzhou 
Sister City Association President Robert J. Fraser said.

Source: Suzhou Chinese Orchestra

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