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Wednesday, August 01 2018 - 17:54
The TOTAL BWF World Championships 2018 kicked off in Nanjing, China
NANJING, China, Aug. 1, 2018 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

The TOTAL BWF World Championships 2018 is held at the Nanjing Youth Olympic 
Sports Park from July 30 to August 5. It is one of the top tournaments in the 
world. The BWF World Championships consists of men's singles, men's doubles, 
women's singles, women's doubles and mixed doubles. 359 world-class athletes 
from 48 countries and regions participate in the competition. They will have 
251 games in 7 days. 

On July 30, the TOTAL BWF World Championships 2018 officially started in 
Nanjing Youth Olympic Sports Park. On the morning of July 29, the Chinese team 
men's singles player Chen Long, men's doubles players Liu Cheng, Zhang Nan, 
women's doubles players Chen Qingchen, Jia Yifan, Danish men's singles player 
Viktor Axelsen, Japan women's singles player Okuhara Nozomi, England 
mixed-double players, White and Edcock, attended the pre-match press conference 
and gave an interview to correspondents. 

At the press conference, some reporters asked how the preparations were going. 
The athletes said that they were "ready" for the game through constant state 
adjustment and environmental adaptation, and they would look forward to the 
game in the best condition. 

According to Cheng Xiangyang, deputy secretary general of the BWF World 
Championships 2018 Committee, the World Championships will highlight 
technological innovation and use holographic naked eye 3D technology in the 
sports exhibition session to present the history and culture of Nanjing in the 
competition venue.

The venue of the TOTAL BWF World Championships 2018 is located in Nanjing Youth 
Olympic Sports Park. The park has standard gymnasium, training hall, stadium 
and training grounds. The main stadium, which meets the standards of the FIBA 
men's basketball World Cup and the NBA, is the largest stadium in China.

Source: The BWF World Championships 2018 Committee

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