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Saturday, August 11 2018 - 00:03
2018 Shanghai Isaac Stern International Violin Competition Launches
SHANGHAI, Aug. 10, 2018 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

The success of the 2016 Shanghai Isaac Stern International Violin Competition, 
orgnizad by Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, received worldwide coverage, and, for 
the first time, demonstrated that a Chinese music competition is just as 
sophisticated as any other at the global level. The Organisation Committee held 
a press conference on August 8, 2018 to announce that the second edition of the 
competition would take place from then until September 1 in Shanghai. In 
addition, there was also a draw for the order of the quarter finalists.

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(Group Photo of Opening Press Conference)

Stellar Judging Panel

The Jury Committee has been expanded from thirteen to fifteen members, and 
features a star-studded lineup of pedagogues, violinists, and industry leaders 
to fairly evaluate the contestants in a variety of ways including technique, 
interpretation, and performance.

The jury - co-chaired by conductor David Stern, son of Isaac Stern, and 
Professor Vera Tsu Weiling, who has sat on the judging panels of many leading 
international violin competitions – is comprised of internationally-acclaimed 
violinists Maxim Vengerov and Augustin Dumay; leading figures of China's violin 
industry Lina Yu and Siqing Lu; the founding member and first violinist of 
Shanghai Quartet, Weigang Li; the founding member of Emerson Quartet, Philip 
Setzer; the former concertmaster of the New York Philharmonic, Glenn Dicterow; 
and concertmaster of Munich Philharmonic Sreten Krstic. The jury also includes 
world-renowned pedagogues Zakhar Bron, Dora Schwarzberg, and Daniel Heifetz; 
and two industry veterans, the founding member of the classical artists 
management company Askonas Holt, Martin Campbell-White, and the current 
programming director of Philharmonie de Paris, Emmanuel Hondre.

Renowned Collaborative Musicians to Help Improve Musical Quality

The repertoire of this edition provides a greater focus on interpreting and 
understanding the musical spirit rather than merely technique, aiming to evolve 
the candidates from 'soloists' to 'musicians.'

Additionally, the works include more diversified music styles and forms of 
performances. Each contestant will perform four sets of works during the 
Quarter-Finals. Then, for comprehensive assessment, the Semi-Finals will 
include three sections - the string quartet in which contestants will perform 
with three artists of the Shanghai Quartet; sonatas and Kreisler's works; and a 
Mozart Concerto with an originally-composed cadenza. In addition to including a 
concerto of choice, which is conventional in competitions, the Final Round will 
include the violin concerto, La Joie de la Souffrance, by the renowned Chinese 
composer Qigang Chen.

From Competition to a Professional Career on Bigger Stages

Besides the USD $100,000 prize presented to the champion, the largest music 
monetary prize of any music competition in the world, the Competition puts 
great effort on helping soloists become musicians over the long term on their 
road to professional musicianship. The Competition also introduces the winners 
to world-class agencies, recording opportunities, and facilitates 
collaborations with top-level national and international orchestras such as the 
Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, China Philharmonic, Guangzhou Symphony, Melbourne 
Symphony, and Sydney Symphony, in order to open the door to a professional 
career and to provide them a bigger stage.

Honoring Isaac Stern's Legacy

The 2018 competition will once again seek nominations for the Isaac Stern Award 
- Human Spirit Award, which provides recognition to any individual from around 
the world who has made an outstanding contribution to humanity through the 
medium of music.

SOURCE  Shanghai Symphony Orchestra