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Friday, September 14 2018 - 15:42
41 Cities Reunite in Shenyang Discussing Green Development at the 18th World Winter Cities Association for Mayors Conference
SHENYANG, China, Sept. 14, 2018 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/ --

The 18th World Winter Cities Association for Mayors Conference (WWCAM 
Conference) was held in Shenyang on Sept. 12, 2018. The conference invited 41 
city groups and 52 chamber of commerce groups from 30 countries, according to 
Shenyang Municipal Government. With the theme "winter city, better life", WWCAM 
probed into the planning and construction management of winter urban, and the 
construction and green development of smart city. WWCAM will also innovate, as 
well as promote the exchanges and cooperation among winter cities so as to 
solve development problems around the world. 
Since the first WWCAM Conference was held in Sapporo, Japan in 1982, it has 
been held every two years for 36 years. Building on its past success, this 
conference breaks through the limitations of member cities and warmly invites 
winter city representatives from countries facing common challenges across five 
continents, injecting new vitality into the exchanges among cities in the 

"Cities of high latitude and altitude face more severe heating, traffic and 
environment problems." During the conference, Lara Fritts, Director of Salt 
Lake City's Economic Development Department said: "Salt Lake city plans to use 
100% renewable energy for community electricity support and reduces 80% of 
greenhouse gases by 2040, allowing every citizen to enjoy fresh air in cold 
winter. Inspired by our Resources Plan, Shenyang government is in deep and 
close cooperation with us to transform from coal-based to renewable energy 

At the conference, 15 mayors or representatives from Sapporo, Japan; Seoul, 
South Korea; Vancouver, Canada; and Clermont-Ferrand, France, introduced their 
cities' experiences and achievements, and gave related suggestions to building 
new smart cities with higher quality and efficiency, and developing green 
cities with more sustainable development.
48 business associations from 18 countries and 60 related enterprises from 
Liaoning, including Ambo Group of the United States, Sapporo Chamber of 
Commerce and Industry of Japan, Orrin Group of Finland, European Union Chamber 
of Commerce, Shenyang Broad Group and Shenyang Tourism Group, attended the 
Winter Cities Business Cooperation Meeting, with about 150 people joining. 
During the meeting, more than 20 foreign enterprises and over 50 Chinese 
enterprises conducted one-to-one project connections on tourism, IT, 
environmental protection and other fields. 

"Making Life Better", clearly features not only the good wish and earnest 
pursuit of people around the world to better life, but also the inescapable 
historical responsibility of city management. Jiang Youwei, mayor of Shenyang, 
said that Shenyang is willing to strengthen communication and exchanges with 
other cities, deepen practical cooperation and promote sustainable and healthy 
development of the city. Meanwhile, many city mayors and chamber of commerce 
representatives also expressed their willingness to strengthen communication 
with Shenyang, vigorously develop international cultural tourism industry 
projects, and share experiences and achievement of precise urban planning, 
delicate development and lean management.   

Source: Shenyang Municipal Government

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   Caption: The 18th World Winter Cities Association for Mayors Conference