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Thursday, November 15 2018 - 17:00
Revealing Surprising Trick Shots with Suction Power of Vacuum Cleaner, Bowling YouTuber "SKYtomo" Challenges "Hitachi Cordless Cleaner"
TOKYO, Nov. 15, 2018 /Kyodo JBN- AsiaNet/ --

- Video to Be Released on November 15 Showing "Amazing Skills in Bowling with 
Suction Power" -

Hitachi Appliances, Inc. will release a video on the Hitachi cordless stick 
vacuum cleaner Hitachi Cordless cleaner on Thursday, November 15.


To test the powerful suction of the Hitachi cordless stick vacuum cleaner, 
popular bowling video YouTuber "SKYtomo" has been called up to try five "trick 
shots" using the vacuum cleaner in bowling the ball.

SKYtomo had previously conducted demonstrations of vacuum cleaners picking up 
bowling balls. But this is the first time that he does not only pick up bowling 
balls but also tries trick shots by using a vacuum cleaner. For this particular 
challenge, SKYtomo uses special attachments for the filming in which the vacuum 
cleaner sucks up a bowling ball with its suction power and he skillfully throws 
it. He not only gets strikes but also manages a series of high-level trick 
shots such as snake shots and jumping walls. SKYtomo's execution of awesome 
techniques is something to watch. He seems determined to let you see for 
yourself the strong suction power that sucks up a heavy bowling ball -- 
demonstrating the Hitachi Cordless cleaner's "Amazing Skills in Bowling with 
Suction Power" in this video footage.

Another video featuring the Hitachi Cordless cleaner's "strong suction power" 
and "three-dimensional cleaning" is due to be released in late November.

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Filming anecdote
- Pulling off the trick with a brilliant shot 10 minutes before the time limit
As shooting time was limited to before and after the business hours at the 
bowling alley (from midnight to 8 a.m.), the film-shooting session turned out 
to be tense. The shooting of the first trick shot, "straight," successfully 
finished in just 10 minutes. The flying start brought a smile to the faces of 
SKYtomo and his staff. They struggled a little bit with the second shot but 
went ahead without great trouble. Then they were made to work hard for a highly 
difficult trick shot, "chase ball." SKYtomo started rolling the ball at 3 a.m. 
and tried without success for over an hour until past 4 a.m. They put the 
attempt off till later and switched to a different shooting session hoping to 
focus on the unfinished business in the time that remained. They finally got 
down to another chase-ball try at 7 a.m., just an hour before the time limit 
for filming. He could not knock down two pins despite repeated tries. Just 
about when everybody thought the video would end up without a chase-ball scene, 
SKYtomo brilliantly pulled it off at 7:50 a.m., 10 minutes before the time 
limit. SKYtomo punched the air naturally and not pretentiously, the director 
shouted for joy and the staff reacted with a roar and a round of applause.

-Message from SKYtomo
I've engaged in filming bowling in many ways but I never thought I would bowl a 
ball with a vacuum cleaner. There were many elements that never seemed to work. 
Since this was the first attempt, there were things that were very challenging 
and did not go well in training. But I am glad that right on the shooting day I 
pulled off the shots that I struggled with in training. I do believe that 
efforts by the staff, director and many other people on the spot have paid off 
and led to the success. And, above all, the suction power of the vacuum cleaner 
has been the key. 

Profile of SKYtomo
Hails from Okinawa. The pseudonym SKYtomo is a combination of the name of his 
former beloved cat "Sky" and that of his real first name "Tomohide." He leads a 
video production/design team named Team HEXA. He has become a popular YouTuber 
with his fans now totaling 80,000 after posting videos of his bowling skills on 

Product information
Hitachi cordless stick vacuum cleaner
"Hitachi Cordless cleaner PV-BFH900" (open price tag)

High-powered yet cordless, the stick vacuum cleaner "Hitachi Cordless cleaner" 
PV-BFH900 can serve as your main vacuum cleaner. Used with attached tools, it 
can clean various places in a three-dimensional way. 
Combining with a variety of tools such as "Powerful Smart Head" and "Smart 
Hose," the vacuum cleaner can clean not only the floor but also high and narrow 
spaces in a three-dimensional way -- completely sucking in dust from 
hard-to-reach areas by the walls.

The small, high-powered fan motor X4 generates strong power that enables the 
product to serve as your main vacuum cleaner despite being cordless. It can be 
continuously operated for about 40 minutes during a standard operation -- or 
about 60 minutes if Power Brush is not used. 

SOURCE: Hitachi Appliances, Inc.