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Thursday, December 13 2018 - 01:05
CLP Holdings Signs Multi-Year Strategic Commercial Agreement with AutoGrid to Deploy New Energy Solutions across Asia-Pacific Region
REDWOOD CITY, California, Dec. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

-- Powered by AutoGrid, CLP will optimize their portfolio of microgrids, energy 
storage units, distributed generation and demand-side resources across China, 
India, Hong Kong, Australia and South-East Asia

AutoGrid has signed a strategic partnership with CLP Holdings Group 
(, one of the largest investor-owned energy 
companies in the Asia Pacific region, with 5.2 million customers and a market 
capitalization of USD $25 billion. This partnership will build the foundation 
for CLP projects across APAC that leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to 
achieve real-time optimization of energy assets.

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CLP will initially deploy the AutoGrid Flex(TM) 
( flexibility management 
platform to build and optimize a microgrid and drive streamlined operations and 
energy use at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, a 54-acre innovation 
and technology hub. The success of the project will enable CLP to implement 
flexible capacity management throughout its global operations, including 
microgrids, energy storage units, distributed generation and demand-side 
resources. CLP operates power generation, transmission, distribution and 
electricity and gas retail activities in Hong Kong, mainland China, India, 
Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Australia. AutoGrid has also been working directly 
with CLP subsidiary Energy Australia, one of the largest deregulated energy 
retailers in Australia to offer demand-side management programs.

By 2040, 62 percent of global flexibility capacity will be in APAC, developed 
through the use of renewable energy technologies and energy storage assets. 
This trend is driving the market growth for energy flexibility solutions, which 
is projected to be substantial across the region. By 2030, China's electricity 
system is projected to reach nearly 40 percent renewables penetration with 23 
GW of batteries. In India, renewable energy sources are projected to account 
for nearly 80 percent of the capacity mix by 2050. In Australia, the 
convergence of renewable energy sources with flexibility technology will 
represent nearly 10 percent of electricity generation by 2050.1 All of these 
trends represent significant opportunities for CLP and AutoGrid.

AutoGrid Flex supports CLP's region-wide vision and will be the catalyst for 
the multi-national utility to expand its services and product offerings. At the 
local or distribution system level, AutoGrid Flex will deliver quantifiable 
operational efficiencies to CLP. The platform will enable CLP to monitor energy 
use, optimize the operation of DERs such as solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and 
energy storage batteries, and manage energy demand and supply. In the first 
stage of the pilot project, CLP will use AutoGrid Flex's machine learning and 
artificial intelligence capabilities to visualize and forecast building energy 
load and PV generation, as well as dispatch battery power and shave peak loads 
in real time.

"Innovation will play an increasingly critical role for our business as the 
electricity sector enters an exciting time of technological change," said 
Austin R. Bryan, senior director of innovation and ventures at CLP. "This 
project, along with our investment in AutoGrid, is an important element in our 
strategy to capture greater opportunities in the rapidly evolving smart energy 

"The APAC region will see over $6 trillion of new energy investment in the next 
two decades – representing about 60 percent of all new energy investments 
globally during that time. The addition of new flexible energy capacity in 
China alone will be larger than in the U.S. and Europe combined, and India will 
add more flexible capacity than either the U.S. or Europe," said Dr. Amit 
Narayan, AutoGrid chief executive officer. "The combination of AutoGrid's 
proven technology and CLP's scale and local market knowledge creates a 
game-changing opportunity for both companies."

(1) Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance, New Energy Outlook 2018

About CLP:
The CLP Group and its holding company, CLP Holdings Ltd., generates, delivers 
and sells electricity and gas through its regulated business arm in Hong Kong 
and deregulated arm in mainland China, India, Southeast Asia, Taiwan and 
Australia. CLP is the one of the largest utilities operating in APAC, with over 
5 million customer accounts and nearly 25 GW of generation capacity.

About AutoGrid:
AutoGrid builds software applications that enable a smarter distributed energy 
world. The company's suite of flexibility management applications allows 
utilities, electricity retailers, renewable energy project developers and 
energy service providers to deliver clean, affordable and reliable energy by 
managing networked distributed energy resources (DERs) in real time and at 
scale. AutoGrid has more than 3,500 megawatts of DERs under contract with Xcel 
Energy, National Grid, E.ON, CPS Energy, Total, NextEra Energy and over 35 
other leading energy companies around the world.

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