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Tuesday, February 12 2019 - 20:30
GO GABA Founder Launches Campaign to Raise Awareness for Entrepreneurs
MEXICO CITY, February 12, 2019, /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/--

     Mexican entrepreneur and GO GABA founder Jose Antonio Del Valle has 
launched the campaign on the web and in social media 
under #iwantmybusinessback in order to receive advice from entrepreneurs and 
the public in general on how to bounce back from an unfortunate series of 
events that led him to lose his business.

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    Mr Del Valle began developing the GO GABA soft drink in 2008. GABA 
(Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid) is said to help sharpen the mind, providing clarity 
and focus. Initial commercialization in Mexico and select European countries 
enabled him to commission further research and attract start-up investment. In 
2017, after working for a couple of years on a revamp of the product and 
branding, Mr. Del Valle entered an agreement with one of the biggest global 
companies in the industry.

    The founder of GO GABA wants to raise his voice and invite the public in 
general and other entrepreneurs to share their own experiences. Mr Del Valle 
stated: "I am convinced that there are many people experiencing similar issues 
while following their dreams. People that never managed to accomplish their 
dream, or lost it somewhere along the way for different reasons. With this 
initiative, I want to present my business story and hear what others have to 
say.", says Mr Del Valle.

    Everyone is invited to share their ideas, advice, experiences and opinions 
on social media and on

    About GO GABA

    GO GABA [ ] is a functional soft drink, enriched with 
natural ingredients that are said to help sharpen the mind, achieving greater 
focus and mental clarity. GO GABA is a small enterprise with a team of 5 people 
that has been recognized by the Mexican Institute of Entrepreneurship as a High 
Impact Innovative Enterprise and by Google to be part of their HiPo program 
(High Potential).  GO GABA was a winner in the Binational Mexico-France contest 
organized by the Mexican French Council for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. 
The functional soft drink was sold in Mexico and exported to The Netherlands.  
It was sampled successfully in France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, and the UK.

    About "I Want My Business Back"

    "I Want My Business Back" [ ] is an 
initiative launched by Mexican entrepreneur and GO GABA founder Jose Antonio 
Del Valle in order stimulate debate for entrepreneurs on how to grow new 
businesses and bounce back from any potential unsuccessful ventures.

    Contact: Felipe Lopez Moyao, Phone: +521-5554530440,

SOURCE: GO GABA / I Want My Business Back