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Wednesday, March 20 2019 - 17:00
Koichi Sakamoto, Director behind "ULTRAMAN," "KAMEN RIDER," "SUPER SENTAI" and "POWER RANGERS," Creates New Era of "Ninja Super Hero" Ready to Be Released Worldwide
TOKYO, Mar. 20, 2019 /Kyodo JBN - AsiaNet/ --

- World's First Project Interlocking Animation and Samurai Drama -

Samurai Drama Channel, Japan's paid television broadcasting exclusively 
Japanese period dramas, operated by Nihon Eiga Broadcasting Corporation along 
with its production committee, announced on March 20 the release of a new 
Japanese special-effect period drama called "BLACKFOX: Age of the Ninja" 
produced by director Koichi Sakamoto. This will be the world's first project 
interlocking animation and Samurai drama, with the original SF action animation 
"BLACKFOX," produced by director Kazuya Nomura of Studio 3Hz.

Photo1: (C) PROJECT BLACKFOX Age of the Ninja


The Japanese special-effect action costume drama has a female ninja in the 
leading role and, while the animation version tells the story of a ninja clan 
descendant set against a near-future backdrop, the live-action drama is set in 
the past, going back to the ninja and samurai era.

Director Sakamoto, who is known as a key person in the Japanese special-effect 
"TOKUSATSU" film industry, was looking to take on a new challenge: "I have 
included in the production everything I know, particularly what I learned from 
my time in Hollywood -- a sense of tempo, commitment to action and homage to my 
favorite work." While adding that he is delighted with the final result, he 
said he is ready to inspire people from Japan and elsewhere in the world.

Photo3: Director Koichi Sakamoto

The first video trailer of the live-action version will be released on March 23 
on the official website and the official SNS account as well as at a BS Fuji 
booth and an Infinite booth at "AnimeJapan 2019" that is being held at Tokyo 
Big Sight on the same day onwards. Stay tuned for more information that will be 
released soon about the ninja heroine and the wonderful cast and team members! 

TOEI is a leading company for special effects in Japan having worked on 
multiple projects over the years. It is committed to producing a new era of 
special-effect action costume dramas at TOEI Studious Kyoto which is considered 
a leading place for the production of Japanese costume dramas.

Official website:
Official Instagram account: @blackfox_ninja

SOURCE: Nihon Eiga Broadcasting Corporation