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Friday, April 12 2019 - 23:00
HRG Robotics Showcases Golden Partner Position and Robot Services at Automate 2019
CHICAGO, Apr. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/--

HIT Robot Group (HRG Robotics or "the Group"), one of China's leading robot 
manufactures, has presented its golden partner position to tap into the Chinese 
market at Automate 2019 in Chicago, a major event in North America devoted to 
automation industry trends. The Group has also showcased its latest lineup of 
robotic products.

Caption: HIT Robot Group at Automate 2019 in Chicago

China is in the midst of a booming market for robotic products, and companies 
have urgent needs for an automation upgrade that remain unmet. Many 
manufacturers think that automation will take the form of just robots in the 
production process. However, only robot makers with cross-sector capabilities 
will be able to integrate robotics in a cohesively and smart way while adapting 
to various kinds of devices and communication protocols. To meet such needs, 
HRG Robotics has teams of professional engineers and project managers to ensure 
a smoother application of its robotic products.

To ease the pain points the industry has faced, HRG's booth at Automate 
highlights its latest technological breakthroughs and services that position it 
to be a "Golden Partner" to companies looking to enter the Chinese market. The 
Group has also brought three of its star products to the event:

- HRG Cloud Robotics Platform: The Chinese robot market lacks a platform for 
remote monitoring, error warning and diagnosis, and smart operation and 
maintenance. This platform syncs to HRG's cloud service as it collects and 
analyzes real-time data on production lines, enabling operators to monitor, 
control and resolve issues swiftly. Transforma Robotics, a Singaporean 
construction robot maker, uses HRG Robotics' cloud service to help it monitor 
task status with real-time displays powered by big data and AI technology, and 
to leverage a smarter arrangement and management system. 
- Bang Bang Smart Manufacturing Service: Chinese companies generally don't have 
much knowledge about smart automation and can't easily find suitable 
third-party system integrators. Bang Bang is seeking international experts and 
quality system integrators to tackle this issue. The platform can help American 
companies find suitable Chinese partners with an annual production value 
exceeding RMB 500 million. Bang Bang integrates resources including information 
on government policies, industry trends, manufacturing campuses and funds to 
help match industry players and stakeholders in China and the U.S. to further 
expand their businesses. Bang Bang serves HRG Robotics' mission of being a 
"Golden Partner" for overseas companies by helping U.S. clients lower their 
operational risk in China and find suitable partners.
- Mountain Power: To solve the research and development and resource shortages 
faced by Chinese technology and manufacturing enterprises, this online platform 
is designed to help companies connect with hundreds of thousands of industrial 
robotic experts. Users can post their projects and conduct public bidding to 
find the most suitable partners to help solve technical issues and problems in 
project development. HRG is looking to cooperate with investors, companies with 
an engineering force, and experts with an engineering background.

About HIT Robot Group

Established in 2014, HIT Robot Group (HRG) is a Chinese technology company 
focusing on robotics and artificial intelligence technology innovation and 
commercialization. Its functions include research and development, 
productization, startup incubation, business operation as well as many other 
activities to bring new technology to market. Now HRG is a system that 
encourages innovation, entrepreneurship and industry development achieved by 
its business network made up of one headquarters, four business centers, dozens 
of industry bases and overseas offices.

SOURCE: HIT Robot Group

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