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Friday, April 12 2019 - 17:17
MINISO Has Been Officially Licensed By Kakao Friends To Develop Joint Products
GUANGZHOU, China, Apr. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/--

MINISO was licensed by South Korean top IP Kakao Friends in early April, to 
develop peripheral products in the Chinese market, mainly for health and beauty 
and creative homeware products, covering nearly 200 products such as cups, 
cosmetics, boutique bags, masks, storage boxes, aromatherapy, makeup tools, 
tableware and so on. 

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Products jointly developed by MINISO & Kakao Friends

Kakao Friends was born in 2012, which is a series of emojis derived from Kakao 
Talk, the most popular chat software in South Korea. It was popular on the 
Internet soon after it had been launched, and has become one of the most 
welcome cartoon characters in South Korea. There are eight different characters 
in Kakao family, including the adorable peach, Apeach, the sunshine lion, Ryan, 
the rabbit-clad carrot, Muzi, the mysterious and low-key crocodile, Con, the 
introverted and cautious duckling, Tube, the stylish Neo, the wealthy dog Frodo 
and the hip-hop loving Jay-G.

Each member of the Kakao family has a different personality. With distinct 
characteristics and unique charm, the Kakao family gains favour of a large 
number of fans. Cooperating with Kakao Friends to launch joint products, MINISO 
hopes to bring the positive energy and joy of this South Korean IP to 
consumers. When developing peripheral products, MINISO will customize thematic 
products according to the characteristics of different cartoon characters. For 
example, the lovely peach Apeach features a lively and active girl image, thus 
MINISO has developed a series of Apeach makeup products, among which there are 
hot sale products, such as eyeliner, teardrop-shaped powder puff and facial 

Through the combination of IP image and products, MINISO is able to build up 
emotional links with consumers effectively. The joint products of MINISO and 
Kakao Friends still maintain the features of good-looking, high quality and 
high cost performance. The product price is as low as RMB 10.

So far, MINISO has reached cooperation with more than ten globally well-known 
IPs, and has developed a unique cross-boundary cooperation model, which is 
becoming increasingly mature. MINISO has successfully developed a series of 
officially authorized products, such as Hello Kitty, We Bare Bears, Adventure 
Time, Pink Panther and Pantone.

Source: MINISO Japan