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Sunday, April 21 2019 - 20:22
ShaktiCoin Opens Mining Registration Globally
BERKELEY, California, April 21, 2019 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

The Swiss Shakti Foundation has opened mining registration across the world 
coinciding with the publication of the first of its four-part white paper.

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The Swiss Foundation would like to bring the following three points to public 

Early Adoption Incentives 
Early adopters are incentivized with 10,000 Shakti Coins (equivalent to USD 
50,000) when they sign up for a Power Mining License. A limited number of Power 
Mining licenses are available per country and only a limited number of those 
will include the early adopter incentive. These will be awarded on a 
first-come, first-serve-basis. 

Please note, this is a one-time, limited offer and the Foundation may end this 
incentive without notice. Visit: - for complete Terms & 
Conditions including how to receive the bonus bounty.

Financial Transparency & Distributed Ownership 
The Shakti Network is 100% controlled and influenced by node operators (miners) 
for the benefit of the public. 
Given that requirement, license fees paid for accessing the Shakti Network are 
administrated by an independent 3rd party full-service accounting firm, based 
in Denver, Colorado, USA. 
Visit:   - and refer to page #6 for 
more information. 

The licenses allocated to each country will be installed uniformly to reflect 
the population distribution across the county. The Shakti Coin Power Mining 
license is a digital asset class in the emerging FinTech sector and limited to 
one for per person to operate. 

Shakti's T400 Power Mining nodes will be the pillars of the Shakti Network and 
have the potential to offer a lucrative income stream to license holders over 

White Paper Release 
Today we have released the first installment of our four-part white paper. As 
you will see, the entire Shakti Coin ecosystem is new. The protocol is new, the 
process of creating the coin is new and the distribution is new. The first 
section provides an overview of the concept. Anyone interested in joining the 
network is encouraged to study the white paper to ensure they understand the 
foundational concepts of the coin -- it's the third generation blockchain-based 
digital money.

About Shakti Coin: 
The Shakti Coin project is an international grassroots initiative that exists 
independent of any affiliation with industry, government, religion or political 
party. The Swiss Shakti Foundation is a public benefit organization based in 
Zug, Switzerland tasked to provide compliance oversight and furtherance of 
Shakti ecosystem. 

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Miners – let's introduce smart money to the world!

Swiss Shakti Foundation 
Tel: +41-41-266-07-67
Source:  Swiss Shakti Stiftung