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Saturday, April 27 2019 - 01:01
Oxford Royale Academy Announces Third-time Win of Prestigious Queen's Award
OXFORD, England, Apr. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/--

Leading provider of academic summer schools for international students, Oxford 
Royale Academy (ORA), has today been named as a winner of the Queen's Award for 
Enterprise, for the third time in seven years. The Queen's Award is the highest 
official accolade for British business, which is granted for exceptional 
contributions to international trade, innovation or sustainable development. 
ORA were selected as winners in the international trade category.


"To receive the Queen's Award three times since 2012 is a tremendous 
achievement," said ORA's Chief Executive and Founder, William Humphreys. "We 
have been on a very exciting journey since the organisation started 15 years 
ago, and have welcomed over 20,000 students from more than 160 nations to the 
United Kingdom to study. I am very proud of the opportunities we offer our 
students, and the way in which they use these opportunities to succeed in their 
chosen paths in life. I am also extremely proud of the team at ORA, who work 
tirelessly to ensure that we deliver an unparalleled cultural and educational 
experience to every one of our students."

In order to carve a truly strong and successful path in a highly competitive 
world, ORA believe that young people now need greater global awareness, more 
varied cultural experiences, broader global networks, and vitally, personal 
guidance and direction. And ORA's summer schools offer exactly this. Students 
can choose from over 150 courses, all designed to help them gain confidence, 
experience and a competitive edge. Depending on the course they select, they 
can experience life in an Oxford University college, visit some of the most 
heritage-rich locations in the United Kingdom, taste a degree in medicine, 
build a kit-car or explore AI and blockchain, whilst always working with peers 
from around the globe.  

William continues, "Many young people are capable of exceptional academic, 
personal and commercial success, but they are simply not aware of opportunities 
which may be available to them. By offering young people a taste of elite 
higher education, multi-cultural experiences and innovative subject matter, we 
can help them to identify their strengths, passions and ambitions. And often, 
they will grasp new opportunities, which they would never have believed that 
they could access or achieve. I can personally attest to the value of this 
approach as we take enormous pride in the success of our students, many of whom 
have gone on to study at some of the UK's top universities, such as Oxford and 
Cambridge Universities and Imperial College, London – and have subsequently 
made tremendous contributions to British industry and research."

ORA also firmly believes that the UK must continue to attract more global 
talent for the benefit of both foreign and British students - and to ensure 
that the UK continues to lead the world in fields such as research, technology, 
education and commerce.  A recent publication of a report 
Future_for_International_Students_in_the_UK_FINAL_WEB.pdf] by the UK's 
All-Party Parliamentary Group for International Students called for more to be 
done to encourage international students to study in the UK. This was further 
endorsed by a recent announcement by International Trade Secretary, Liam Fox 
and Education Secretary, Damian Hinds, outlining the Government's ambition to 
increase the number of international students choosing to complete higher 
education in the UK by 30%, to 600,000 per annum by 2030.

William says, "We absolutely endorse the findings of the All-Party 
Parliamentary Group's report and the ambitions outlined by Liam Fox and Damian 
Hinds. Incoming international students undoubtedly benefit the UK economically, 
culturally and socially. By opening the door to more international students, we 
are excited to be playing a part in ensuring that the UK continues to remain at 
the forefront of commerce, research and education."

The Oxbridge experience, together with the breadth of courses and outstanding 
teaching, has helped ORA to achieve tremendous growth over the past few years, 
with diverse courses now offered from the heritage-rich British education 
pinnacles of Cambridge and Oxford, to the US academic powerhouse of Yale. To 
support this growth, ORA have recently acquired the remarkable Yarnton Manor in 
Oxford, a 17th Century manor house estate, once owned by the ancestors of 
Princess Diana, which now acts as an education centre and the company's HQ. For 
a company which has seen such tremendous growth and achieved such recognition, 
this is surely yet another sign that ORA are only just beginning their next 
chapter, as they continue to challenge traditional approaches to education,  
build international relations and contribute ever-more exceptional talent and 
experience to the world of international trade & research.

Notes to Editors

About Oxford Royale Academy

Oxford Royale Academy is a leading global provider of elite summer schools in 
some of the world's most prestigious institutions, including the University of 
Oxford, the University of Cambridge, the University of St. Andrews and Yale 
University in the US. Founded in 2004, ORA is a three-times winner of the 
Queen's Award for Enterprise and has so far welcomed over 20,000 students from 
over 160 nations.

Driven by a firm belief that a successful education is about more than formal 
learning, ORA's vision is to offer young people a window to a world of 
opportunity. By offering unparalleled cultural and learning experiences, ORA 
helps young people to identify their own passions, talents and ambitions and, 
above all, helps them to realise those ambitions.

ORA offer courses designed for traditional professions, such as law and 
medicine, but also courses designed to stretch the boundaries of traditional 
education, from making and driving kit cars, to AI and blockchain. ORA also 
offer a plethora of cultural experiences, and workshops to develop crucial life 
skills such as public speaking. Whether destined to be an oncologist, a film 
director or an entrepreneur, ORA's courses offer young people invaluable 
experiences to help them make informed decisions and to succeed on their chosen 

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