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Thursday, May 09 2019 - 00:43
Guangzhou Airs Promotional Video over New York's Time Square, Inviting Global Viewers to Come to Huangpu
NEW YORK, May 8, 2019 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

The IAPH 2019 World Ports Conference, dubbed the "Olympics of the global 
shipping industry", began in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou on May 6 
and will last through May 10. Huangpu District/Guangzhou Development District 
(GDD) of Guangzhou, with its important Port of Huangpu, aired a promotional 
video, titled "In Huangpu We Believe", over New York City's famed Time Square 
on May 8, with a view to inviting people from around the world to the dynamic 
district of Guangzhou. The 30-second video is set to be aired around the clock 
from May 8 to June 4, with 40 times per day. 

The theme of the Conference this year is "Ports and Cities: Collaborate Now, 
Create Future". A cradle of the ancient Maritime Silk Road, Huangpu stands as a 
vivid demonstration of how ties between a port and a city grow with openness 
and win-win cooperation. With a history of over two millennia years, the Port 
of Huangpu has been a gateway of great significance for China's exchanges with 
the outside world, witnessing a pioneering Huangpu open up to the world. 
Growing along with the Port, Nanhai God Temple boasts the sailing culture 
spanning over the millennia. Direct trade between China and the U.S. began as 
the American commercial vessel Empress of China arrived at the Port of Huangpu 
for the first time on August 28, 1784, signaling the start of China's 
opening-up to the outside world. Even today the spirit of openness passes on 
and guides Huangpu forward.

As efforts to build the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area have stepped 
up this year, Huangpu/GDD is set to usher in a new chapter of coordinated 
development and diversified cooperation. While centering on building the 
international knowledge city, innovation source of the Bay Area and 
international talents port, the Bay Area's pearl spares no effort to develop 
into an international innovation and technology hub. In the short yet 
informative video, Huangpu/GDD introduce their goals under the Bay Area 
framework: to build the Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City into the Bay 
Area's knowledge creation demonstration zone and the national knowledge center 
with global influence; to form the Guangzhou Science City as the Bay Area's 
institutional innovation pilot zone and China's smart manufacturing center with 
global presence; to construct the Port of Huangpu as the Bay Area's modern 
service innovation zone and the new trade innovation center for Hong Kong and 
Macao; and to shape the International Bio-Island as the Bay Area's life science 
cooperation zone and the world-class biomedicine R&D center.

About a century ago Sun Yat-sen, a renowned statesman in modern China, 
established the Huangpu Military Academy on Huangpu's Changzhou Island, making 
it a globally-renowned cradle of Chinese generals. At that time, "Go to 
Huangpu" was the buzz word for youth with ambitions. Today's Huangpu/GDD has 
been among the primary locations for investment and growth for global firms as 
an international modern Huangpu of Lingnan style is taking shape. In a new era, 
the slogan "Go to Huangpu" has been enriched. It is not only a kind invitation 
from Huangpu to the entire world, but also represents people's enthusiasm for 
Huangpu, a good place for working, living and traveling. 

In the video made by the Publicity Department of the CPC Huangpu District 
Committee, the traditional culture embodied by the Huangpu Military Academy, 
Nanhai God Temple, and Yuyan Academy, is in harmony with ecological landscapes 
of Changzhou Slow Island, Rainbow Bridge and Yunduan (on top of cloud) 
Greenway, Xiangxue Park with fragrant snow-like plum blossoms, and the musical 
fountain show. It enables viewers to appreciate the splendid past and unique 
charm that Huangpu/GDD has to offer.

The land is blessed with numerous opportunities, and Huangpu/GDD welcome people 
to come and embrace a fulfilling future here. In Huangpu we believe!

Source: The Publicity Department of the CPC Huangpu District Committee 

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   Caption: Guangzhou's Huangpu District airs its promotional video "In Huangpu 
We Believe" over New York's Time Square.