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Wednesday, May 15 2019 - 02:45
Black Bull Advisors' Luis R. Gonzalez Delivers Keynote Speech at the NYC Blockchain Fund Summit While Explaining the Firm's AI-based Crypto-focused Hedge Fund
AUSTIN, Texas, May 15, 2019 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

New York Blockchain Week is off to a successful start. Over 170 events are 
planned throughout Manhattan tailored for the blockchain, fintech and 
cryptocurrency industries. Black Bull Advisors, which manages a crypto-focused 
hedge fund, helped launch the week by sponsoring the Blockchain Fund Summit 
that was held at the Standard High Line Hotel, located in NY's meatpacking 
district, on May 9th.  

Black Bull Advisors Partner, Luis R. Gonzalez, delivered the keynote 
presentation at the event. He spoke about the foundation and 10-year history of 
the Black Bull Advisors' proprietary trading technology, and the Black Bull 
Advisors' cryptocurrency trading methods that have demonstrated superior 
results in comparison to more traditional investment strategies. 

"Black Bull Advisors (BBA)," Mr. Gonzalez said, "was founded on the premise 
that market participants are looking for an alternative solution to the typical 
low-returns buy and hold strategy." BBA's competitive advantage, he explained, 
is the result of incorporating BBA's proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) 
and big data algorithms to manage volatility in the crypto trading markets to 
BBA's advantage.

Mr. Gonzalez explained that BBA's current trading strategies consist of daily 
short-term trades. "The key to achieving the returns that we have," he 
stressed," comes from analyzing in real time the information and using the 
advanced tools that we already have in place." 

According to Mr. Gonzalez, "Black Bull's algorithm analyzes the volatility in 
the market, which helps us make better trades and achieve superior returns".  

One of the graphs in the presentation illustrated how BBA's algorithm has 
outpaced the S&P 500 and Bitcoin in growth since January 2018, when BBA's 
managers first applied their AI-based trading methodology to the cryptocurrency 

The goal of the Blockchain Fund Summit was to educate family offices and 
institutional investors on the investment strategies and opportunities through 
the lens of some of the most influential fund managers and thought leaders in 
the blockchain space.

Black Bull Advisors, LLC utilizes proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) 
technology to direct and manage technical trading within its crypto-focused 
hedge fund. Black Bull Advisors' managers invest in a diversified portfolio of 
cryptocurrencies and other digital assets using a variety of trading 

For More information, please contact Luis R. Gonzalez, Partner at 
+1-512-289-7004, email or visit the Black 
Bull Advisors (BBA) website at

Source: Black Bull Advisors