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Thursday, May 16 2019 - 21:40
Wanda Department Store Officially Renamed Plaza
NANJING, China, May 16, 2019 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

On May 5,, the subsidiary of Suning Holdings Group ("Suning"), 
announced the 37 Wanda Department Stores it acquired last February officially 
renamed into Plaza. The first reformed store will open by the end of 

Hou Enlong, CEO of, said at the press conference of the company's 
6/18 Shopping Festival, the 37 brand-new Plazas will operate based 
on the previous supplier advantages accumulated by Wanda Department Store. But 
by integrating the online and offline shopping scenarios of Suning, such as 
RedBaby, Suning JIWU, Suning Convenience Stores, the new store model will be 
transformed into an innovative smart retail commercial complex, where it 
enables nowadays urban consumers to eat, shop and entertain. 

With the existing 19 Plazas and 16 Suning Plazas, Suning currently 
owns and operates 72 shopping complexes, which form the largest self-operated 
smart retail complex system in China. 

As the leading omni-channel smart retailer in China, has always been 
committed to building a full-scenarios retail ecosystem both online and offline 
to create diversified shopping experiences visible and ready to serve consumers 
anytime and anywhere. Plaza will connect Suning's financial payment 
methods and provide Suning Logistics free three-kilometer delivery service. It 
will also invest in the domestic and overseas supply chain capabilities to 
bring in cutting-edge brands and collaborate with popular fashion buyers, to 
present trend-setting experiences to consumers. 

In March 2019, Suning signed a strategic agreement with Italy Trade Agency to 
strengthen cooperation between the two parties in introducing quality Italian 
brands into the Chinese market towards Suning's powerful online and offline 
platforms. It is an important step for Suning to further enhance its overseas 
supply chain capability in fashion and general merchandise. 

Meanwhile, the advantages of Suning's online and offline channels will be 
further enhanced in Plaza, where consumers will enjoy a 
comprehensive and diversified convenient service supported by Suning Big Data. 
A seamless, effortless, and efficient shopping experience is achieved by smart 
retail solutions and precise marketing personalized for everyone. 

With its own smart retail system as the core, Suning will bring an 
informational and digital comprehensive innovation to the new Plaza, 
utilize its powerful technology capabilities such as data learning, artificial 
intelligence, and IoT to accelerate the digitization of management of operation 
for traditional department stores to increase the overall service experience 
and profitability of the industry, to re-construct a scene experience model 
that is more in line with current consumption concepts and habits. 

In February 2019, Suning announced the acquisition of all Wanda Department 
Stores nationwide, belonging to Wanda Group, the Chinese commercial real estate 
developer, to expand its bricks-and-mortar retail portfolios and facilitate the 
all-categories merchandise supply chain to satisfy more local consumers and 
boost profits of the Chinese retail market. 

About Suning

Founded in 1990, Suning Holdings Group is one of the leading commercial 
enterprises in China, with two public companies in China and Japan. In 2018, 
the company was ranked second among China's top 500 non-state owned enterprises 
for the third consecutive years, with annual revenues of RMB 557.875 billion 
(approximately EUR 69 billion). With its mission of "Leading the Ecosystem 
Across Industries by Creating Elite Quality of Life for All", Suning has gone 
from strength to strength, expanding its core business through diversified 
vertical industries:, Logistics, Financial Services, Technology, 
Real Estate, Sports, Media & Entertainment, and Investment. was 
listed on the Fortune Global 500 in 2017 and 2018.

SOURCE  Suning Holdings Group

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