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Thursday, May 16 2019 - 22:21
Havas Group Reimagines PR Group With Launch of Red Havas
PARIS, May 16, 2019 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

The new Merged Media micro-network will put data and content first, and unite 
Havas PR North America and Red Agency Australia & Asia, with expansion to London

As creative and media agencies face a near-daily redefinition of their 
identities and scopes of work in the modern media landscape, public relations 
agencies in particular are being completely reconstructed. How can PR companies 
provide impeccable service that moves at the pace of today's lighting-speed 
multimedia landscape? The agencies that comprise Red Havas are employing a 
strategic model called "Merged Media" that replicates the convergence of media 
consumption—blending traditional and digital publishing, content, social media 
and data in a way that it believes defines the future of PR as a category. 

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Based on the success of this model to date, Havas Group announced earlier today 
that it has rebranded a number of its award-winning PR and social agencies 
under a new name, Red Havas, to drive the agencies' shared Merged Media 
strategy to new heights and across new continents. 

Effective immediately, Havas PR North America, with offices in New York City, 
New England, Phoenix and Pittsburgh, and Asia Pacific-based Red Agency, with 
offices in Australia, Singapore and the Philippines, will all carry the new 
brand, which encompasses earned, social, experiential and content capabilities. 
In addition, Red Havas has opened a new office in London and rebranded its 
Havas PR offices in Manchester and Edinburgh, as well as Havas PR Vietnam and 
Jakarta. The new brand has expansion plans to Japan and South America within 
18-24 months. 

The rebranding coincides with major investments into data, content and bespoke 
insight tools, which will include listening and predictive analytics platforms 
that will layer in a foretelling media capability not seen before within the 

"The guiding light of PR has always been to integrate brands' or organizations' 
stories into the daily conversations of the media ecosystem," says James 
Wright, global chairman of the Havas PR Global Collective and global CEO of Red 
Havas. "PR is one of the most powerful tools that brands can use to connect to 
audiences, but it's essential that it integrates seamlessly across content 
types and sources and operates at the pace, and in the ways, of today's 
consumer. With content, social and predictive data at the core, we've built a 
model that merges all of the various media sources and essentially redefines 
the PR capability entirely."

Yannick Bollore, CEO and Chairman of Havas Group, said: "Red Havas is a new, 
transformational and unmatched micro-agency network that will help redefine PR 
and its value to clients. Along with the power of Havas Group and the 
world-class entertainment capabilities we have within Vivendi, the proposition 
of Merged Media becomes very interesting. We have big ambitions to develop and 
invest in this further."

Wright concludes: "Whilst PR has always owned the earned and will continue to, 
now we must earn the owned in the Merged Media world. That is the ambition of 
Red Havas."

Some background on the two groups: 

- With hundreds of honors for its client campaigns, creativity, CSR efforts, 
staff and much more, Havas PR North America is among the most decorated PR 
groups in the U.S. It is known for leveraging trendspotting to ensure that its 
clients aren't just in the news but that they are the news.

- In recent years, Red Agency Australia has become the biggest agency in its 
market, winning more than 150 awards across international, regional and 
domestic award shows, including Cannes Lions, Spikes Asia and PRWeek Awards. It 
opened in Singapore in 2016 and in Manila in 2018.

Red Havas is part of the Havas PR Global Collective, the PR and communications 
arm of the Havas Group that comprises approximately 40 agencies around the 
world and more than 1,300 employees. At this stage, there are no plans to 
rebrand other Havas-owned PR agencies such as Havas Formula, Plead or Maitland 
which is a member of the AMO Network. 

About Red Havas

Red Havas is part of the Global Havas PR Global Collective and has offices in 
Australia (Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney), Indonesia (Jakarta), Philippines 
(Manila), Singapore, United Kingdom (London, Manchester and Edinburgh), United 
States (Pittsburgh, Phoenix, New England and New York City) and Vietnam (Ho Chi 
Minh City).

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About Havas Group

Havas is one of the world's largest global communications groups. Founded in 
1835 in Paris, the Group employs 20,000 people in more than 100 countries and 
operates through its three business units covering all communication 
activities. Havas Group integrated Vivendi in December 2017. Havas Group's 
mission is to make a meaningful difference to brands, to businesses and to 
people. To better anticipate client needs, Havas has adopted a fully integrated 
model through its 60 Havas Villages around the world. In these Villages, 
creative, media and healthcare & wellness teams work together, ensuring agility 
and a seamless experience for clients. Further information about Havas Group is 
available on the company's website: []


Press contact: James Wright, CEO Red Havas and Global Chairman Havas PR Global 
Collective, E. 

Source: Havas Group