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Thursday, May 30 2019 - 23:00
Nature Recognizes Groundbreaking Discovery by SUSTech Led Team in Quantum Physics
SHENZHEN, China, May 30, 2019 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

On May 8, 2019, the world's leading academic journal Nature published a 
three-dimensional quantum Hall effect and metal-insulator transition, jointly 
completed by the Department of Physics of Southern University of Science and 
Technology ("SUSTech" or "the University"). The team behind the discovery is 
headed by SUSTech Associate Professor Zhang Liyuan, who worked closely with top 
researchers from some of the world's most respected scientific universities to 
accomplish the milestone discovery. 

The team at SUSTech hopes to use this exposure with one of the scientific 
field's most well-known publications to reflect the scientific research power 
of SUSTech and to garner interest in Quantum Physics and the ground-breaking 
research undertaken in their facilities with the public.

For several decades, the material zirconium telluride has been a subject of 
great interest in the scientific community. Hoping to determine its physical 
properties, laboratories across the world begun to study this unique compound 
in various ways. Following five years of dedication, the team at SUSTech have, 
for the first time, observed the three-dimensional quantum Hall effect on 
millimetre-scale, zirconium-doped materials; answering a question that has 
plagued the scientific community for 32 years. 

SUSTech, one of China's newest pioneering research universities, strongly 
believes in the union between education and research. With the aim to become a 
globally recognized high-level research university, SUSTech thinks highly of 
research, innovation and entrepreneurship. Every student is encouraged to find 
their unique path to success. To support this growth, the University provides 
students of all faculties the opportunity to work alongside world-class 
researchers tackling and exploring some of the world's most challenging and 
prolific questions within the scientific community today. 

Achievements in scientific research are fast becoming synonymous with SUSTech. 
Since 2012, SUSTech has undertaken a total of 1319 research projects across 
China, with a majority of projects based in Shenzhen, all with funds totalling 
more than RMB 2.1 billion. 

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About SUSTech

Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) is a research-oriented 
public university, founded in Shenzhen, China. SUSTech is ranked 29th among 
mainland Chinese universities in the latest Nature Index. SUSTech is working 
towards becoming a world-class university excelling in cutting-edge 
interdisciplinary research in fields such as quantum information, clean energy 
and wide-band gap semiconductors.

SOURCE: Southern University of Science and Technology

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