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Vietnamese Artist Painting on Climate Change Grabs Attention at the United Nations Day of Vesak Celebrations 2019
HA NAM, Vietnam, June 3, 2019 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

Chairman of the board of HTD Media Joint Stock Company, Vietnamese artist 
Nguyen Thi Kim Duc presented "Cover of Future" -- a painting featuring the 
devastating result of climate change, to world leaders at the Vesak 

World leading scientists are warning that there are only a dozen years before 
millions of people experience the risks of drought, floods, extreme heat and 
poverty[1] due to climate change. This warning was also announced loud and 
clear to world leaders, Buddhist leaders, and Buddhists around the world at the 
celebrations of United Nations Day of Vesak 2019 (UNDV 2019) held in Vietnam 
through one single painting. 

Called the "Cover of Future", Vietnamese artist Nguyen Thi Kim Duc used 
traditional Vietnamese silk, Van Gogh inspired water colors, soft but bold 
strokes, together with deep and lifeless colours to paint a dying tree which is 
partly submerged in sea water. This painting shows a stark picture of what the 
world would become if humans continue to ignore climate change. It would turn 
into a world without green trees, animals and humans.

Using a simple painting style, Mrs. Nguyen wanted the artwork to pass from 
"heart to heart", relaying her love for the environment, like in Chinese 
philosopher Lao Tzu's words: "People rely on land, land relies on God, God 
relies on religion, religion replies on nature".

This while holding a belief that humans are the main cause of climate change, 
Mrs. Nguyen said that even if millions of new trees are planted to absorb the 
main driver of climate change, carbon dioxide, the environment will still be 
destroyed unless people change their wasteful and polluting habits.

105 copies of this painting were given as a gift for the heads of state and 
leaders of Buddhism from over 100 countries who attended attend the Vesak 
celebrations last month. They include Buddhist leaders such as Professor, Dr. 
Phra Brahmapundit - Chairman of the International Council for the Day of Vesak 
(ICDV), Mr. Nguyen Manh Hung - Minister of Information and Communication of 
Vietnam, Ryan Giggs - Coach of the Welsh National Football Team, the Prime 
Minister of Nepal, the President of Bhutan's Senate, and Sang Ji Zha Xi - 
Deputy Secretary General of the Chinese Buddhist Church. They were all very 
sympathetic and touched upon receiving the painting.

"Through the 'Cover of Future', I wanted to remind world leaders about their 
responsibility of preserving our world. As the decision-makers, they have to 
take the lead in this fight to spread the message of taking responsibility to 
protect the environment to their people and if they don't take action straight 
away, the world will end. I want to see them hang this picture in their living 
room, so they can be reminded of their duty daily. Even though I'm just a 
businesswoman in Vietnam, I want to do my part in preserving our world and this 
is the first step," said artist Nguyen Thi Kim Duc.

About the Artist

Nguyen Thi Kim Duc currently serves as the Director of the Institute of Human 
Resources - HV Talent and the Chairman of the board of HTD Media Joint Stock 
Company. She also founded Butta, the first social network for the Buddhist 
community in Vietnam. Despite being inundated with work, Mrs. Nguyen still 
makes an effort to help the environment. For example, she would organise 
tree-planting events and use opportunities like the Vesak celebrations to 
spread the message of environmental protection.

Mrs. Nguyen's passion is a result of her father's influence. Her father is the 
well-known Vietnamese author Nguyen Son Dong who wrote the famous novel "Xu 
Doai May Trang" and many Vietnamese poems. Mrs. Nguyen said her father's poem 
"The Freshness To Life" shaped her passion in helping preserve the world 
human's live in and providing a better future for the next generation. It also 
motivated her to create "Cover of Future". 

"On a block of wood this afternoon 
Raindrops were so small 
It pained my heart 
But the forest was vast 
People's immensity as well, 
Please join me! 
For evergreen forest 
The freshness to life"  

        -- From "The Freshness To Life"

Mrs. Nguyen hopes that "Cover of Future" will be considered as a brand 
ambassador for our environment and anti-climate change, and hopefully be 
present around the world to promote the Green Planet protection in the future.


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SOURCE  HTD Media Joint Stock Company

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   Caption: Artist Nguyen Thi Kim Duc - A Vietnamese businesswoman who wants to 
see a green future and succeeded in captivating world leaders' attention on 
this issue at the 2019 UN Vesak festival


   Caption: The original "Cover of Future" displayed at Tam The Palace of Tam 
Chuc Temple in Kim Bang, Ha Nam Province, Vietnam during 2019 UN Vesak festival