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Wednesday, June 12 2019 - 20:00
UPanda unveiled as a bridge to youngsters and the world
BEIJING, June 12, 2019 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

A Pu Panda, a multi-cultural giant panda has arrived after the China Giant 
Panda Global Image Design Competition, which is under the guidance of the State 
Council Information Office of China and China National Forestry and Grassland 
Administration, and jointly held by China Intercontinental Communication Center 
(CICC) and China Conservation and Research Center for Giant Panda. The 
competition was sponsored by Global Recruitment Competition for the 
International Image Design of China Giant Panda Organizing Committee and 
launched in February 2019 with a total of 2,023 works from 22 different regions 
around the world.

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After the 4-month competition, A Pu Panda, designed by Mr. Wang Tian Shi, has 
been selected as the winner as the perfect incarnation of "Chinese Giant Panda 
and world's new generation," which represents the common qualities shared by 
today's Chinese young people: dynamics, vitality, optimism, self-confidence, 
spirit of sharing.

The China Giant Panda Global Image Design Competition Winner Announcement 
Ceremony and Brand Promotion Campaign Launch Conference was held on June 12th 
in Beijing, China. Apart from the announcement ceremony, UPanda brand was 
unveiled to the public on site. During the event, UPanda announced its upcoming 
plans including animation, music, E-sports, fashion and environmental 
protection. A Pu Panda will be used as the prototype of a series of animation 
works. It is worth noting that more characters of UPanda will be coming. People 
E-sport and UPanda will be cooperating at International Masters Tournaments, 
providing strong influences for young people around the world. Furthermore, the 
collaboration with China Green Foundation on "Panda - Nature - Education" 
Action Plan - teenagers from both China and overseas will be invited to 
participate in an environmental protection education and action centered on 
protecting the giant pandas. 

Giant pandas, used to be "special envoy" of China's rich and ancient culture 
but now they represent China bridging the global community with the aim to 
explore the new youth of China and the world.

SOURCE: Global Recruitment Competition for the International Image Design of 
China Giant Panda Organizing Committee

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