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Fuel for the Fight, Rice Drives One of Thailand's Most Famous Muay Thai Kickboxers
BANGKOK, June 18, 2019 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

Department of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce, Thailand has introduced a 
project called "Think RICE, Think THAILAND" to encourage international 
community to pay attention to consumer health and to raise awareness on the 
national crop by providing a wider range of knowledge, ranging from national 
agricultural history, standards and Thai rice quality. Buakaw Bunchamek, one of 
Thailand's most famous Muay Thai kickboxers who fought in both Muay Thai and 
K-1 kickboxing all over the world, shared how Thai rice has always fueled him 
for every fight. 

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Hailing from the rural Thai province of Surin, his source of energy lies in the 
rice fields that surround his training camp. He planted them himself too. "As a 
farmer's child, I definitely have a strong connection with rice. Looking at the 
paddies makes you feel at home, closer to nature. You can let go physically and 
mentally after you've tired yourself out from training, and don't have to 
always focus on being exhausted from practice," says Buakaw.

Thai Hom Mali rice is Buakaw's go-to rice. A single of bowl of Thai Hom Mali 
rice provides roughly 200 calories -- it's why Buakaw estimates rice to make up 
70- 80% of his diet. "Rice is a staple that everyone in Thailand eats. Boxers 
in training need carbohydrates," he says.

What's more, Thai Hom Mali rice is the ideal complement to Thai food. "The rice 
that I grow now is from my parents' fields," says Buakaw. "It goes well with 
Kaprow (stir-fried Thai basil and minced meat) and many other Thai dishes. 
After a fight, I usually go back home for some downtime and ask my family to 
make Nam prik pla thu (mackerel with shrimp paste chili paste), Pla ra 
(fermented fish), and vegetables." 

In a world where fighters are exploring the boundaries of nutrition and sports 
science, Buakaw demonstrates the importance of simplicity and tradition. "Based 
on my own experience, Thai Hom Mali rice is the best strain of rice from this 
region. I have tried rice from other countries, but nothing can beat Thai Hom 
Mali rice," says the champion.

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   Caption: Fuel for the Fight, Rice Drives One of Thailand’s Most Famous Muay 
Thai Kickboxers