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Contributor: Xinhua News Agency
Tuesday, June 25 2019 - 21:11
Ulanqab, China: Revitalization of the Historical Transportation Hub on the Grassland
ULANQAB, China, June 25, 2019 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

On June 23, The Fourth Tourism Ministerial Conference of China, Russia and 
Mongolia was held in Ulanqab. Officials from tourism ministries of China, 
Russia and Mongolia, representatives from provinces, districts and cities as 
key partners in cultural and tourist cooperation as well as famous experts in 
culture and tourism from these three countries met in Ulanqab and reached a 
consensus on several cultural and tourist cooperation projects, according to 
the Municipal Government of Ulanqab.

The Tea Road is a significant international trading route in Eurasia. It starts 
from Mount Wuyi, a tea production area in Fujian Province, South China, extends 
to the north from Inner Mongolia, runs across the Gobi grassland, connects 
Kyakhta, a trading port at the border between Mongolia and Russia, and finally 
reaches countries in Europe and Central Asia. 

The Tea Road, extending for over 13,000 kilometers, runs across China, Mongolia 
and Russia. This route, connecting tourism development in these three countries 
with tea, has been an international tourist attraction created by China, Russia 
and Mongolia.  

As the host of the event, Ulanqab, used to be an important transportation hub 
on the Tea Road, is a grassland-based city with the closest proximity to 
China's capital Beijing in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and the only 
domestic non-capital city where China Railway Express to Europe stops. 

There were three important tea trading routes passed through Ulanqab in the 
history. Ancient routes dated back to the Qing Dynasty and even the Yuan 
Dynasty, and many historic relics of the historical transportation hub 
scattered along the route will offer great support for the Tea Road's 
successful application to be listed as a UNESCO Cultural World Heritage. 

In recent years, Ulanqab has positioned itself as a new highland of opening-up 
and development, and kept furthering its trading and cultural exchange with 
countries and districts along the Tea Road, and increased interaction with 
tourist attractions along the route to create characteristic tourist culture 
combining tea trading and tourism, and a cultural and tourist brand of the Tea 

Events like "The Tea Road" Cultural and Tourism Expo, Inner Mongolia Summer 
Camp for Youth from China, Russia and Mongolia and China, Mongolia and Russia 
(International) Auto Cross-country Rally were also held during the event. 

Ulanqab will seize opportunities arising from cultural and tourist cooperation 
with countries along the Tea Road to build stronger and more practical 
cooperation with Russia and Mongolia, and work to create an international 
tourist service center for China, Russia and Mongolia, revitalizing this 
historical Transportation Hub on the Grassland. 

Source: The Municipal Government of Ulanqab

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   Caption: Ulanqab, hailed as a summer resort on the grassland in China, was 
included in the list of Top 10 Summer Resorts of China 2019 in the recent China 
(Changchun) Summer Tourism Summit 2019.