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Contributor: Medianet International
Wednesday, June 26 2019 - 17:05
Hyland Brings Content Services to Construction Projects
SYDNEY, June 26, 2019 /Medianet International-AsiaNet/--

Hyland has introduced a range of content services to the local construction 
industry, which are improving efficiency in several large projects in the 

Content services, which includes an enterprise content management (ECM) 
solution as well as intelligent capture and a variety of tools for managing and 
visualising digital documents, is solving many pain points for companies in 
today's rapidly growing industry.

"Today's challenges for the construction industry are multifaceted. Businesses 
face rising energy prices, stringent regulatory requirements and an increased 
focus on health and safety. As capital-intensive businesses with large-scale 
and expensive projects, construction companies continually need to search for 
ways to improve their rate of success and minimise risks, and, improving the 
efficiency of document management and workflows is a big step on that path," 
said Eugene Chng, Asia Pacific director at Hyland. 

Using content services delivers many benefits to project management including:

-Simplify and standardise information creation and data capture processes 
throughout the organisation.

-Improve users' ability to correctly capture content and actively manage the 
life cycle of content.

-Improve access to and control of all document-based assets for all staff, key 
alliance partners and contractors.

-Complete view of all documentation including images and mobile data.

Businesses that have automated processes in place, based on tried and tested 
methodology for tracking, capturing, accessing and managing the flow of 
information, will avoid unnecessary expenditures, reduce risk to the business 
and avoid loss of information and the associated cost of having to locate or 
recreate information when the project moves from the construction phase to 
being operational. 

Ensuring the latest revision of every drawing is critical when communicating 
with dispersed and varied members of the engineering and construction team. 

Information held within an ECM solution can solve many of these knowledge and 
process challenges, allowing focus on specific tasks, mitigating project risks, 
managing key documentation and communication.  

"Organisations adopting a content services solution are able to access and 
manage all information on capital projects throughout the full lifecycle of the 
content, helping project teams streamline operations and procedures. Any 
advanced organisation in this industry needs a 360-degree view of documents and 
workflows to make sure their company stays ahead of the competition and is 
always operating at its most efficient," concludes Chng. 

SOURCE: Hyland