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Friday, July 05 2019 - 12:41
Chinese opera The Diaries of John Rabe starts European tour in Germany
NANJING, China, July 5, 2019 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

On the evening of July 3, local time, the Chinese opera -- The Diaries of John 
Rabe, jointly produced by Jiangsu Centre of the Performing Arts and Jiangsu 
Performing Arts Group, was staged at the State Opera in Berlin, Germany, which 
officially kicked off the 2019 European tour.

The German John Rabe was the chief representative of Siemens in Nanjing. During 
World War II, he used the alliance between Germany and Japan to save the lives 
of a large number of Chinese. Chinese artists used opera to reproduce the story 
of Rabe and other international friends who saved the Chinese people in the 
history of World War II. The premiere was well received by the audience.

The opera is guided by the Publicity Department of the Jiangsu Provincial Party 
Committee, jointly produced by the Jiangsu Cultural Investment Management Group 
and the Jiangsu Performing Arts Group. From July onwards, it will have five 
tours in Berlin, Hamburg and Vienna. Wang Yanwen, member of the Standing 
Committee of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and director of the 
Publicity Department, said: "Opera is an art form that Europeans can accept. 
Opera can also carry a large historical theme, so we try to tell the history in 

Rabe's grandson, Thomas Rabe, also came to watch. He said: "This opera has left 
a deep impression on me, especially my grandfather's inner monologue. Whether 
it is the visualization of music, video, storyline, or the subtle and artistic 
treatment of cruelty, I like it very much. On behalf of all members of the Rabe 
family, I express my deep gratitude to the crew."

At the end, the opera cleverly used Rabe's affectionate speech before leaving 
Nanjing. He thanked the international friends who protected the Chinese 
civilians with Rabe. After the opera ended, the audience Carolyn said: "I am 
very touched. Rabe is a businessman, but he has protected so many civilians 
when he is needed, I will definitely learn more about this part of history."

Source: Jiangsu Centre of the Performing Arts

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   Caption: Actors are performing in the opera The Diaries of John Rabe in 
Berlin, Germany, July 3.