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Wednesday, July 10 2019 - 08:07
Quantstamp Audits Kakao's Blockchain Platform Klaytn
SAN FRANCISCO, July 10, 2019 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

Quantstamp, a Y Combinator-backed blockchain security company, has completed 
its audit of smart contracts for Klaytn ( 
), the blockchain platform created by Kakao ( 
), the operator of South Korea's dominant messaging platform KakaoTalk ( 
). Built by GroundX, a Kakao subsidiary, Klaytn is a business-centric 
blockchain platform designed for mass adoption.

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"The biggest challenge facing blockchain applications today is user adoption," 
notes Richard Ma, CEO of Quantstamp. "With over 90% market penetration in Korea 
and 40 million monthly active users, Kakao is well-positioned to bring 
blockchain to a large and active user base."

With the belief that businesses will drive mass adoption of blockchain 
technology, Klaytn is designed to address all the roadblocks hindering 
blockchain adoption today. To ease development, it provides a strong developer 
experience through its familiar use of Solidity, a development environment and 
supporting tooling. For enterprises it provides the transparency and integrity 
of blockchain technology with the performance and reliability needed for 
business applications. For users, the Klaytn platform provides means to 
simplify account creation and management, private key safekeeping and wallet 
provisioning and setup, as well as UX guidelines and references for developers 
to create easy to use interfaces. 

"With Klaytn we have the technology and business partners that we think really 
can scale and serve a massive new userbase," says, Junsic Youn, Lead of Product 
Management at GroundX. "With the scale of this project, the stakes were high 
and we wanted to make sure it was safe to deploy. Quantstamp has a good 
reputation for thorough audits. Their professional process and experience in 
the field led us to choose them to ensure the security of the Klaytn blockchain 

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