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Contributor: Xinhua News Agency
Wednesday, July 10 2019 - 20:08
Qingyun sets the bar for modern Chinese agricultural development
QINGYUN, China, July 10, 2019 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

On June 27, the Modern Agricultural Industrial Park in Qingyun County, Shandong 
Province, was named as one of the 45 national-level agricultural industrial 
parks to be constructed in China in 2019. Guided by the so-called Qingyun 
Model, farmers in Qingyun are steadily moving away from small-scale household 
production towards more modern agricultural development, according to the 
Publicity Department of CPC Qingyun County Committee.

With a population of 340,000, Qingyun County has saline-alkali land and salty 
water, not suitable for traditional agricultural development. In recent years, 
the CPC Qingyun County Committee and the County Government have looked to 
modern agricultural methods as a tool to revitalize both the villages and the 
industry, with the aim being to achieve large-scale agricultural mechanization 
and agricultural modernization. The focus is on the development of organic 
agriculture by utilizing technical innovation, moderate-to-large-scale 
cultivation, and branded operation, and by improving scientific and 
technological input as well as standardizing agricultural methods wherever 
possible. Qingyun County has thus far integrated 37 well-known brands, such as 
Dong Fang Zao Yuan, Fan Qie Xing Qiu, and Wo Sen Xian Cao, into the 
now-registered public brand -- The Food of Qingyun. By taking advantage of 
this, Qingyun aims to achieve innovation in its modern agricultural development.

Today, Qingyun's modern agricultural development has several advantages, 
including large-scale operation, high-quality brands, and a huge market. It 
also has five major supporting elements fueling agricultural growth, namely: 
favorable financial policies, a high level of technological skill, leading 
agricultural enterprises, family farms, and farmers' cooperatives. By learning 
from advanced practices at home and abroad, Qingyun strives to build a new 
development landscape by integrating agriculture with tourism, which adds yet 
another advantage to its agricultural development. 

Source: The Publicity Department of CPC Qingyun County Committee, Shandong 

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