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Saturday, July 13 2019 - 06:15
A Strong Rally in Gold Marks the Launch of NVM Token Sale on July 15th
VADUZ, Liechtenstein, July 12, 2019/PRNewswire-AsiaNet/--

Novem NVM utility tokens will provide a discount on purchasing gold and put 
users in the most advantageous position to buy gold on the blockchain     

NovemGold, a better way to buy gold, has announced it is holding its first 
public sale of NVM utility tokens. The first round of the sale will begin on 
July 15. This will be users' first opportunity to buy Novem Gold NVM tokens 
which will provide a discount of 2% on Novem NNN Gold tokens, as well as 
discounts of up to 5% on gold bullion.

Novem Gold's sale coincides with gold prices having surged to their highest in 
more than five years, finally breaking the $1,350 barrier. Experts are saying 
that the rally in gold could be a sign of a global economic crisis driven by 
trade and currency wars between the U.S., Europe, and China. The rally is 
expected to continue as weakening fiat currencies face inflation, debt crisis, 
and changing monetary policy.

Cryptocurrencies are another safe haven for investors looking to be free of 
uncertainties related to the state. Bitcoin has reached another high for 2019, 
and Facebook's Libra is bringing cryptocurrency to mainstream awareness with 
its 2.38 billion users.

"Economic uncertainty is again driving people looking for a way to store wealth 
that is safe and independent of the state. Conditions have led to a rise in 
gold and cryptocurrency prices -- and created a perfect time to buy NVM," 
Andreas Kalteis, CEO of Novem Gold said. 

"By purchasing NVM tokens now, you will be perfectly positioned to get the best 
possible prices on NNN tokens, an investment in gold which has greater 
redeemability than any other gold token and is staked to the value of gold 
bullion, which has endured for thousands of years."

Novem Gold is an extension of a decades-old business trading gold in Austria. 
They will open 100 retail outlets all over Europe. NVM tokens are usable at 
retail outlets as well as on blockchain.

Novem Gold will use the profits from the retail outlets to burn as many NVM 
tokens as possible, decreasing the supply while demand grows for NVM tokens due 
to the discount it offers on Novem NNN Gold tokens.

There are three stages to the NVM sale and prices will increase with every 

At the Pre-Sale Stage of the NVM sale, starting July 15, 2019, users can buy 
NVM tokens using Euros, Swiss Francs, BTC, ETH, NEO, and GAS. 
In the First Stage, starting August 15th, tokens will be available for users of 
NEO and GAS, to show our support for NEO's vision of a smart economy based on 
digitized assets. 

In the Second Stage of the NVM sale, starting August 20th, users will again be 
able to purchase NVM tokens using Euros, Swiss Francs, BTC, ETH, NEO, and GAS. 
The NVM utility token provides users the ability to trade gold through selling 
and purchasing Novem NNN Gold tokens which are directly backed by and 
redeemable for LBMA-certified gold bullion. NVM tokens are the key to 
optimizing gold and blockchain investments because they deliver a discount from 
the initial price of the Novem NNN Gold Token when that sale begins.

"Novem Gold is dedicated to bringing people everywhere a better way to buy gold 
on the blockchain. We are adding the trust, transparency, and security of 
blockchain to what has up till now been an outmoded and unpleasant buying 
experience. Buying gold through Novem, you know exactly what you are buying, 
the quality is verified, and of course, our NNN tokens can be redeemed at any 
time for real gold bullion."

Novem NNN token is the only fully-redeemable gold-token through which holders 
truly own the gold that backs their tokens -- that gold is theirs to redeem 
even in the event of bankruptcy and national emergencies. Novem Gold has minted 
over $1.5 million in NNN tokens based on 37 kg of gold held in secure storage 
and more tokens will be minted as the gold placed in reserve is increased.

Novem has sold $3.65 million in NNN and NVM tokens to private investors.

Novem Gold NNN tokens are the first gold token on NEO blockchain. The NEO 
platform is ideal because it is a blockchain for "the smart economy" ideal for 
tokenizing real-world assets like gold. 

To learn more about the Novem NVM sale, register here and read more at:

Novem blog
Novem Telegram at  

About Novem Gold
Novem Gold was founded by two long-term precious metals and gemstone experts 
with experience in international trade, including Germany, Austria, and the 
U.A.E. After seeing countless problems with trust and transparency in the 
precious metals industry, they knew there had to be a better way for people to 
safely buy and sell gold. As a result, they founded Novem, a new path to safe, 
ensured digital gold ownership. The Novem NNN gold token is backed and entirely 
redeemable for by LBMA-certified gold and the NVM token is a utility token that 
enables the transacting of gold on the blockchain. Both are built on advanced 
NEO blockchain technology for an immutable, secure, and distributed ledger of