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Perfect World CEO Dr. Robert H. Xiao: Creating cultural products and platforms with global appeal
SHANGHAI, Aug. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

On the eve of the 17th China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference 
(ChinaJoy), Perfect World held a press conference in Shanghai. Coinciding with 
the 15th anniversary of Perfect World, the conference was themed "Aspirations 
for Future." 

Perfect World CEO Dr. Robert H. Xiao said at the conference that the company's 
guiding mission from the beginning has been to let users enjoy the rewarding 
lifestyle made possible by advances in technology, coupled with innovation in 
art and creativity. The mission will remain so as Perfect World continues to 
serve users worldwide.

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(photo caption: Perfect World CEO Dr. Robert H. Xiao)

Focusing on three core listed businesses: movies and TV, games and e-sports

Perfect World first launched the business of games in 2004. Its first title 
Perfect World achieved unprecedented success for its proprietary 3D engine, the 
first of its kind in China, as well as for its traditional Chinese-language 
content from The Classic of Mountains and Seas, contributing to the early rise 
of the Chinese gaming industry. In 2008, Perfect World started its movies and 
TV business in 2008, and has since grown rapidly into a high-quality film, TV 
series and variety show content producer. 

Over the past 15 years, the firm has been recognized by users for its 
outstanding R&D and production capabilities amid fierce industry competition, 
while its forward-looking strategic deployment has paved the way for the 
adoption of new approaches to the company's continued development. 

As part of its roadmap for 2019, Perfect World is in the middle of launching 
several TV series including Youth Fight, Single Queen, The Legendary Tavern, 
Fearless, Flight Test Hero, Legend of Youth, Meng Jian Ji, Skate Into Love, 
Another Me, The Best of You In My Mind, Love Under the Moon, Homeland, Guardian 
Angel, Year After Year, Burning, Chinese Peacekeeping Force and Bi Hai Dan Xin, 
in addition to the movies Happy Little Submarine: Space Pals and The 
Whistleblower as well as variety show Back to Field 3. 

For its gaming business, Perfect World's key products this year include mobile 
titles Return of the Condor Heroes 2, Forsaken World, Albireo, New Swordsman, 
New Fantasy Zhu Xian, Perfect World Mobile and ReEvolve. Console games Human: 
Fall Flat and Absolver will also go live soon. 

In addition to the film and TV and gaming businesses, Perfect World has taken a 
solid position in the e-sports sector in recent years. The company is not only 
the official distributor for renowned e-sports titles DOTA2 and CS:GO, but also 
continues to create high-profile e-sports events such as the DOTA2 Asia 
Championships. Notably, the International DOTA2 Championships (TI9), hosted by 
Valve Corporation under assistance of Perfect World, will kick off in Shanghai 
this month. So far, Perfect World has become one of the top e-sports companies. 

Unveiling the "Five Plus" philosophy for the first time

Perfect World is among the first entertainment firms to have expanded beyond 
the borders of the home market, and, as the first step in its globalization 
roadmap, Perfect World established a wholly-owned subsidiary in the US in 2008. 
During the past 11 years, the firm has brought its products to more than 100 
countries and regions with the key markets being in the US, Europe and Asia. 
Perfect World has more than 20 subsidiaries around the world, mainly in the US, 
the Netherlands, France, South Korea and Japan. It is also the first Chinese 
company to have established a long-term partnership with one of "Big Five" 
studios in Hollywood.

Dr. Xiao recalled, "Perfect World sees a correlation between the company's 
growth and the rise of interest in Chinese culture around the world. With so 
many employees, users and high-quality partners in overseas markets, we have 
basically completed our global deployment and entered a stage of integrating 
global resources more efficiently and producing attractive world-class 

Commenting on cultural exports, Dr. Xiao noted that what companies strive for 
is whether their cultural products are attractive, emphasizing that those who 
succeed in their global expansion must have developed a deep understanding of 
the most common values that bind all members of mankind together. 

For the first time, he elaborated on Perfect World's "Five Plus" philosophy, 
which breaks down into "plus horizon" promoting the integration of global 
resources, "plus technology" creating a new experience in the consumption of 
culturally-themed entertainment, "plus home" enhancing the appeal of Chinese 
culture, "plus format" achieving the integration of multiple formats, and "plus 
feelings" emphasizing social responsibility. 

At the press conference, Dr. Xiao said that Perfect World plans to focus on 
three areas in the future. First of all, the company will continue to promote 
its e-sports business. In addition to operating e-sports products and improving 
e-sports events, it will explore a diversified business model and increase its 
investment in e-sports education, promoting cultural exchanges among young 
people worldwide. 

In the second place, the company will adhere to its globalization strategy, 
rolling out quality products that are mix of versions with mainstream appeal in 
many markets and localized to meet the expectation of players in different 
market segments. Thirdly, the company will build industrial clusters, promoting 
different models for cross-border integration with a focus on technology, IP 
and the users that form the core of the audience, he said. 

Over the past 15 years, Perfect World has not only won the recognition of users 
for its outstanding R&D and production capabilities, but also accumulated 
unique advantages as a result of having created industrial clusters. Today, 
Perfect World is constantly innovating. As Dr. Xiao said at the conference, the 
company needs to continue creating cultural products and platforms with global 
appeal, which reflects its mission of ongoing expansion into world markets.

Source: Perfect World Co., Ltd.

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