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Sunday, August 11 2019 - 00:53
116 Young Talents for the 3rd Zhuhai Mozart Competition in September
ZHUHAI, China, Aug. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ --

After the pre-selection in the Mozarteum University in Salzburg, 116 young 
pianists and violinists from 16 countries and regions will enter the 3rd Zhuhai 
International Mozart Competition for Young Musicians, an event organized by 
Huafa Group. In its first press conference held on August 8th, it was announced 
that this year's competition will be held from September 10th to 22nd in 
Zhuhai, Guangdong, China. The 116 candidates will show the best of them in 3 
groups for each instrument based on the age, and the grand winner will claim 
the highest award of USD 30,000. 

The inaugural Zhuhai Mozart Competition was held in 2015 and followed by the 
successful second competition in 2017, with the full support from the Mozarteum 
University Salzburg, and the certification by the World Federation of 
International Music Competitions in Geneva and the Alink-Argerich Foundation. 
The competition has connected the name of Mozart with the city of Zhuhai, and 
empowered the city with the charm of music and art. 

Many of the winners from previous competitions have made great further 
achievements, winning top prizes from the International Mozart Competition 
Salzburg, the Clara Haskil International Piano Competition, the Junior Division 
of the 2018 Menuhin Competition and most recently, the Tchaikovsky Competition 
in 2019.

For the 3rd Zhuhai Mozart Competition, an important new rule has been set that 
forbids the students of the juries to participate in the competition, to ensure 
an open and fair competition. In addition, an award for "Best Interpretation of 
Chinese Works" has also been introduced for the candidates to discover the 
beauty of Chinese music masterpieces. 

Furthermore, a group of "young critics" including 10 students from 
non-conservatory schools in China has been assembled, they will review and 
select their favorite candidates from the 3rd Zhuhai Mozart Competition. This 
is a first for any music competitions in China. 

A series of concerts, exhibitions, lectures and workshops will also be held in 
Zhuhai during the two weeks, under the title of the first "Mozart Festival - 
Music plus Life", making it a carnival not only for the music lovers but also 
for all the people in Zhuhai. The city of Zhuhai welcomes all the guests from 
the world to enjoy the music and witness the rising of future stars.

SOURCE: Huafa Group

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