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Tuesday, August 20 2019 - 09:01
Bundles - The Future of Trading; Trading Cores Has Just Launched a Cellphone Application for 'Bundles'
BNEI BRAK, Israel, August 20, 2019, /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/--

Trading Cores [ ] launched recently the new and 
exciting product named 'Bundles'. 

'Bundles' [ ] is changing the way the market 
operates. The purpose of the Bundles is to simplify FX and CFD, giving brokers 
and new traders an easy and intuitive platform to trade on.  

Bundles is a collection of CFD assets, which can include FX pairs, commodities, 
stocks and cryptocurrencies that have been pre-packaged together. The potential 
returns can reach up to 300% on a single trade. The user buys a Bundle, watches 
the Bundle value fluctuate in real-time and can sell at any time or hold the 
position for maximum payouts.

The new application allows the user to micro invest at any given time through 
his or her smartphone. It is intuitive, fun and easy to use. All the features 
that are available on the web are accessible on the smartphone as well. 
COO of Trading Cores, Liron Ivkoviz explains why this is a game changer. "While 
traditional platforms are usually complex for many users, Bundles allows users 
who have never traded before to learn and understand the concept quickly. We 
have learnt that with our platform users learn faster, maintain healthy trading 
volumes and reduce marketing costs." 

Traders and industry experts who have started using the platform are speaking 
about a game changer. Bundles is a one of a kind platform that makes online 
trading accessible to all. 

"We are amazed from the high demand and the interest we are receiving since the 
we launched application. We have already noticed the shift towards the system 
of Bundles in the industry. Now that we have launched the app, more people who 
don't have a background in trading, can enter the filed easily," said Ivkoviz. 

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Ori Maizlik, VP Sales

SOURCE: Trading Cores Ltd