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Thursday, September 12 2019 - 14:42
IoT and Smart Energy Takes Center Stage at CHINT CITIE Conference
WENZHOU, China, Sept. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

CHINT, a leading smart energy solution provider, has opened the inaugural 
Conference of Internet of Things for Industry and Energy ("CITIE") in Wenzhou, 
east China's Zhejiang Province, held from September 10-13.

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Themed "Interconnecting the World with Smart Energy", CITIE explored the latest 
trends, technologies and best practices in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) 
and its applications for smart energy. As China's only international conference 
of its kind, CHINT welcomed over 800 participants from more than 100 countries 

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"The IoT gives birth to new energy solutions. The energy supply, consumption 
and technology revolution is on the horizon. Greener, more affordable and 
accessible energy will soon become the norm," said Nan Cuihui, Chairman of 
CHINT. "CHINT harnesses the IoT to create an ecological loop for energy users, 
power grids, financial institutions and manufacturing industries, promoting 
innovative applications of energy and the IIoT." 

CITIE explored the digital transformation of manufacturing, power of smart 
energy and the IIoT across five sub-forums: Smart Energy and Green Development; 
Smart Factory and Process Industry; Smart Manufacturing and Digital 
Transformation; Smart City and Future Life and 7th International IoT Sensor 
Technology Forum. More than 100 global experts and academicians participated in 
the forum. Candidates from China's Ministry of Industry and Information 
Technology, Federation of Industrial Economics, State Grid and the Chinese 
Academy of Engineering gave keynote speeches or host forums around 5G+ 
industrial products, digital transformation of manufacturing industries and the 
ubiquitous IoT in electricity. CITIE also invited 80 representatives from Belt 
and Road nations, prominent industry experts and academics, heads of state and 
provincial financial institutions, leaders of industrial and energy sectors in 
the BRICS economies, and over 200 representatives from global enterprises 
including Siemens, Echelon, SAP, Veolia and Alibaba.   

CHINT unveiled their Industrial IoT Cloud Platform at CITIE, marking an 
industry milestone in the use of big data, the IoT and AI. Using the IoT, 
CHINT's One Cloud and Two Networks (CHINT Cloud, Energy IoT and IIoT) strategy 
has spawned a series of innovative applications in the field of connected smart 
energy. CHINT's Energy IoT is a smart energy ecosystem that provides an 
innovative model covering supply, storage, transformation, distribution and 
consumption. CHINT's IIoT is based on 30 years of experience and delivers a 
flexible, efficient and comprehensive smart manufacturing system through 
digital transformation of core products across the value chain.


CHINT is a world-famous smart energy solution provider. Developing into a 
platform enterprise, CHINT provides a package of energy solutions for public 
institutions, industrial & commercial users and terminal users, by building a 
regional smart energy operation ecosphere.


Source: CHINT

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   Caption: 21 contracts were signed during the conference


   Caption: The Conference of Internet of Things for Industry and Energy kicked 
off in Wenzhou


   Caption: Nan Cunhui, the chairman of CHINT gave a keynote speech in the 
opening ceremony


   Caption: CHINT is displaying the latest CHINT Industrial Cloud platform in 
the exhibition

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