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President Macky Sall and Bishop Munib A. Younan selected as the 2020 Sunhak Peace Prize Laureates
NAGOYA, Japan, Oct. 5, 2019/PRNewswire-AsiaNet/--

Former UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon selected for the 'Founders' Award

The Sunhak Peace Prize Committee has selected Macky Sall (age 59, President of 
Senegal) and Munib A. Younan (age 70, former President of the Lutheran World 
Federation) as the 2020 Sunhak Peace Prize Laureates. In addition, to mark the 
100th anniversary of the birth of its founder Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, a 
special Founders' Award will be given to Ban Ki-moon (age 76, former UN 

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President Macky Sall is being recognized for spreading mature democracy to 
neighboring countries in the African continent, where dictatorship and poverty 
are still rampant, by successfully shortening the presidential term and leading 
an economic revival through transparent policy in his country. Bishop Munib A. 
Younan, a Palestinian refugee, is being recognized for his dedication to bring 
harmony among Judaism, Christianity and Islam in the Middle East region for 
over 40 years since his appointment as a Lutheran pastor in 1976, and for his 
leading role in seeking a peaceful resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian 

Former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the winner of the Founders' Award, was 
selected in recognition of his devotion in leading the UN toward a sustainable 
world in the face of unprecedented global challenges and crises, such as the 
global economic crisis, climate change, terrorism, and refugee issues, during 
his term. 

Hong Il-sik, the Chairman of the Sunhak Peace Prize Committee, stated, "With 
the expansion of self-interest around the world, the spirit of cooperative 
internationalism that underlied the post-war world order is significantly 
declining. The Prize winners today are people who have committed themselves to 
breaking down the boundaries between people and who see each other with the 
ideals of cooperation and co-prosperity to create a better, peaceful world 

The Sunhak Peace Prize discovers and awards biennially individuals and 
organizations that have contributed to peace and welfare of future generations. 
The prize of 1 million US dollars is the largest single award in the world. The 
winner of the Founders' Award will receive 500,000 US dollars in prize money. 
The award ceremony will be held at KINTEX in Seoul, South Korea, on February 
5th, 2020. 

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SOURCE:  The Sunhak Peace Prize Committee

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