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Monday, October 14 2019 - 17:54
International Apprentices in "The Day I Ran China" Blown away by China's 5G Smart Bus Transit Technology
CHANGSHA, China, Oct. 14, 2019 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

"The Day I Ran China" represents a reality show co-produced by China's renowned 
media platform MGTV and Discovery Channel, featuring foreign apprentices trying 
out new job experiences in China. The weekly show has been on the air on MGTV 
and Discovery's global TV network since September 16 and 21, respectively.

In its ten episodes, the show highlights not just the youths experimenting with 
new jobs, but a mix of diverse cultures. It stays focused on the significant 
impact technological development has on people's lives amid the promotion of 
the Internet Plus initiative. Joining the show, which is set in China, is a 
group of energetic international youths, including Yoo Jiwon, a South Korean 
blogger gaining massive popularity for her sharing cultures of China and her 
country, Sabina, a live-streaming site's host from Russia, Joe, a "veteran" 
entrepreneur from the Philippines, A Ying, CEO of a Vietnamese coffee chain, 
Lum Jun Chi, co-founder of a Singapore-based IT firm, Dev Kumar, CEO of an 
Indian catering company, Hannah from the Philippines, and Bo Bo, a fresh 
college graduate from Myanmar. With the help of a Chinese instructor, they 
attempt to gain job experiences in China and learn about its technologies.

The show is delving into nine different frontiers, including the cutting-edge 
artificial technology-equipped self-driving system, futuristic construction 
technology, anti-desertification technologies and achievements, the simulation 
living space on Mars, and the career development of "tourist police."

In episode five, aired recently, apprentices from Singapore, the Philippines, 
Vietnam, South Korea, India and Myanmar were brought together in the National 
Intelligent and Connected Vehicle Testing Zone in Changsha, capital of Central 
China's Hunan Province, for an exploration of a world-leading 
innovation-China's 5G-driven, intelligent bus transportation network. 

Each bus in the network connects to the most advanced AI-based self-driving 
system in the world, and the in-built laser radar and millimeter-wave radar 
will generate a 3D picture of surrounding conditions. There is a single-eyed 
camera on the bus monitoring the nearby passengers, objects, and traffic 
lights. Empowered by the 5G network, which features higher speed and decreased 
latency, the cloud management platform has been more capable of managing those 
operating vehicles. With that, the adjustment has been made to bus scheduling, 
and the self-driving technology has had a more decisive role to play.

The visiting apprentices were blown away by these trailblazing bus transit 
technologies made possible by the 5G network. "It's an amazing experience. We 
have learned about an innovation capable of solving 90% of the existing issues 
in the transportation sector," said Joe. "Myanmar will see a considerable 
increase in commuting efficiency if AI technologies are adopted," noted Bo Bo.

In the show, these aspiring youths offered suggestions on the future 
development of China's intelligent bus transit and gained beneficial experience 
for such an industry in their countries. This is an epitome of how China 
interacts, integrates, and shares with the world in terms of science, 
technology and culture.

Source: MGTV

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   Caption: International youths of "The Day I Ran China," a reality show, 
gather in China's Intelligent and Connected Vehicle (Changsha) Testing Zone.


   Caption: The integrated management platform for smart bus transit services.