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Wednesday, November 06 2019 - 19:57
Xinhua Silk Road: New coal mining technology highlights China Coal & Mining Expo 2019
BEIJING, Nov. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

An intelligent coal mining technology developed by Shendong Coal Group Ltd., 
has highlighted the 18th China Coal & Mining Expo which was held in Beijing on 
October 30.

The technology is co-developed by Shendong Coal Group Ltd., affiliated to China 
Energy Investment Corporation and Tiandi-Marco Electro-Hydraulic Control System 
Company Ltd.

During the expo, technicians of Shendong Coal Group sitting in the front of a 
console can monitor coal mining operation site 800 kilometers away through 
several large-scale high-definition color LCD screens.

The intelligent coal cutting technology represents the innovation made by 
Shendong Group in the world, said Zhao Yunfei, a technician with coal group, 
adding that it has solved the long-term problem of mining coal rock 

Featuring independent coal cutting and remote control, the technology has been 
put into use for coal mining in Yujialiang coal mine for more than one year, 
said Zhao Yunfei, who is in charge of the electro-mechanic operation of a 
mining team in Yujialiang coal mine.

According to the technician, by comparing the 3D geological model of the mining 
surface with measured scanning model and comprehensively analyzing big data of 
coal seam trend and flatness of the mining surface, the coal mining system 
equipped with the technology can develop an optimization algorithm and adjust 
knife curve of the coal cutter so as to realize independent intelligent coal 

Thanks to the adoption of intelligent coal cutting technology, the number of 
mining workers required has been reduced from 63 to 49 and the monthly coal 
output of a coal mining surface increased about 30 percent to 150,000 tonnes, 
said Zhao.

It is learned that Shendong Group has built a 10-Gigabit ring ethernet network 
with 5G interface reserved. In the 5G era, the remote console will be moved 
from the mine to the ground.

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