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Monday, November 18 2019 - 11:01
IARD: Leading Beer, Wine, and Spirits Producers and World's Prominent Digital Platforms Put in Place Further Safeguards to Prevent Minors Seeing Alcohol Marketing Online
LONDON, Nov. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/--

We the members of the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking (IARD), 
together with Facebook (incl. Instagram), Snapchat, and YouTube are determined 
to continue to establish new standards of marketing responsibility. Together, 
we want to make it easy for even the smallest producer to implement effective 
safeguards to prevent minors from seeing alcohol marketing online. 


We are united in our ambition to prevent minors seeing or interacting with 
alcohol marketing online. To achieve this, we are working together to further 
limit the potential for underage users to see advertising by beer, wine, and 
spirits brands – whether or not they have provided an accurate date of birth. 

IARD members are implementing age screening on online channels, complemented by 
specific and platform-appropriate technology to help ensure marketing reaches 
those over the legal purchase age.

In partnership, we continue to improve these protections and will roll out 
safeguards that help ensure that all new alcohol-related channels or campaigns 
are marketed responsibly online. This partnership will continue to work on 
emerging areas, including influencer advertising. 


We want to give people greater control over whether they see alcohol-related 
marketing online. Respecting adults' personal preferences and cultural 
differences are important considerations that require the same level of 
sensitivity and action as preventing minors seeing alcohol marketing online. 

Our partnership has already made great strides in responsible marketing, but 
our work is far from finished. We invite and encourage other digital platforms 
and producers to join us in raising industry standards using our collective 
reach and expertise to target harmful drinking in all its forms.

Notes to editors

The International Alliance for Responsible Drinking (IARD) is a not-for-profit 
organization dedicated to reducing harmful drinking. We are supported by the 
leading global beer, wine, and spirits producers, who have come together to be 
part of the solution in combating the harmful use of alcohol. To achieve this, 
we work with public sector, civil society, and private sector stakeholders. For 
more information on our membership and what we do, please visit

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Source: IARD - International Alliance for Responsible Drinking