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Monday, November 18 2019 - 21:15
BOSAGORA and KoSAC Showcased a Collaborative Decision Making Platform, Defora, That Will Impact Organisational Cultures and Governance
ZUG, Switzerland and SEOUL, South Korea, Nov 18, 2019/PRNewswire--AsiaNet/

BOS Platform Foundation ( (BPF) hosted a showcase 
along with Korea Smart Authentication Corp ( ) (KoSAC) 
on Tuesday 12 November 2019 at Campus Biotech in Geneva, Switzerland, to 
present Defora, ( an innovative solution to enhance 
governance and collaborative decision making processes.

The showcase saw a diverse audience of nearly 60 people from sectors ranging 
from banking and education to local government and international organisations. 
The showcase featured speakers from both BPF and KoSAC, who highlighted how 
their projects could help positively change how we think about governance and 
create better group decisions. 

According to Serge Komaromi, Founder of BPF, Defora ( is an 
innovative solution to enhance the governance and decision making of 
organisations and communities as it is efficient and scalable.
"It is an honour to have our first showcase event here in Geneva, the hometown 
of Jean-Jacques Rousseau who continues to inspire people with his idea of 
General Will. Today, General Will can be understood as collective intelligence 
- something that our project strives to achieve. We chose Geneva for many 
reasons, most importantly since the city is a hub of international 
organisations and NGOs that take decisions which affect millions of people 
around the world," says Serge Komaromi.

About BOS Platform Foundation
BOS Platform Foundation is a non-profit foundation based in Zug, Switzerland 
that has been developing a blockchain 2.0 project named BOSAGORA which is 
recorded as the first Korean-led ICO project with participation from over 90 
countries and aims to provide a platform for DApp developers and green and 
sustainable project initiatives worldwide with its cutting edge blockchain 

About Korea Smart Authentication Corp
KoSAC is a privacy engineering tech startup based in Seoul, South Korea. It has 
been behind the development of Defora, a platform that empowers better 
solutions, which incorporates its patented digital identity technology based on 
its state of the art homomorphic encryption technology.



SOURCE: BOS Platform Foundation (BPF)