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Bilibili Reveals Robust 2020 Anime Content Pipeline at Annual Chinese Anime Showcase MADE BY BILIBILI
SHANGHAI, Nov. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

Bilibili Introduces 27 New Chinese Anime Series and Announces Updates to 13 
Existing Anime Series 

MADE BY BILIBILI 2019 – 2020, an event showcasing Bilibili's new developments 
and past achievements in the field of Chinese anime, took place on Sunday, 
November 17 in Shanghai.  At the event, Bilibili announced 27 new Chinese anime 
series it commissioned, a majority of which will be available online in 2020. 
Of the 27 new anime series Bilibili will bring to its vast audience of viewers, 
13 are original titles. It also unveiled updates to 13 of its existing 
high-profile Chinese anime series that had been introduced at the inaugural 
MADE BY BILIBILI 2018 - 2019 event in December 2018.

Photo - 
MADE BY BILIBILI 2019 - 2020 in Shanghai

Bilibili also officially announced that the anime adaptation of the multiple 
award-winning phenomenon, The Three-Body Problem, from China's most celebrated 
science fiction author, Liu Cixin, will be released in 2021. In addition, 
Bilibili unveiled its first official trailer, providing an early peek into the 
massive scale of The Three-Body Problem universe.

Photo - 
Liu Cixin's The Three-Body Problem anime coming to Bilibili in 2021

"From my point of view, as a science fiction writer, anime is a particularly 
suitable form of expression for science fiction content. Compared to 
traditional films with real actors and actresses, anime has greater freedom," 
Liu commented during Bilibili's ten-year anniversary celebration this June, 
when the company first announced the anime adaptation of his renowned work.

Photo - 
Bilibili's The Three-Body Problem artwork

Bilibili commissioned YHKT ENTERTAINMENT, one of the top animation studios in 
China, to produce the Three-Body Problem anime with authorization from the 
Three-body Universe (Shanghai) Cultural Development Co Ltd. It's not the first 
time the two parties have joined hands. YHKT ENTERTAINMENT also produced the 
highly acclaimed series Incarnation, an apocalypse-themed 
sci-fi/thriller/adventure mashup that has received more than 73 million views 
since its launch on Bilibili on July 13, 2018.

Bilibili has enjoyed significant growth in the Chinese anime content category 
in 2019, with interest in Chinese anime surging in recent years. Chinese anime 
became the number one professionally generated content category on Bilibili in 
2019. The monthly active users (MAU) of the Bilibili Chinese anime channel has 
exceeded that of the Japanese anime channel for the first time, with the total 
time spent exceeding 300 million hours. Bilibili's Chinese anime channel 
launched 104 works in 2019, now similar to the supply of Japanese anime. 
According to iResearch, a third-party research company, the total output value 
of China's animation industry reached 194.1 billion yuan, and the number of 
online animation users reached 300 million in 2019.

"We believe that 2020 will be a historical milestone: it will be the seminal 
year of a nationwide animation enthusiasm," said Carly Lee, vice chairwoman of 
the board and Chief Operating Officer of Bilibili. "In 2020, the post-80's 
generation will turn 40 years old and the post-00's generation 20. With the 
maturing of the animation audience, it means that animation as a content 
category is set to evolve from a need of children or adolescents to a demand of 
people of all ages." 

To meet these needs, Bilibili is committed to building an extensive library of 
high-quality Chinese anime, both in the form of original content and 
adaptations of novels, comics and games. For example, Bilibili announced the 
anime adaptation of a highly popular online novel on Jinjiang Literature City 
named Heaven Official's Blessing, or Tian Guan Ci Fu in Chinese. It will be 
available on Bilibili in 2020. 

Amid the rapid development of the Chinese animation industry, anime adaptations 
have become an important way to upgrade and extend the longevity of 
high-quality intellectual property (IP). In past years, Bilibili has 
collaborated with several top literature platforms, such as Tencent's China 
Literature, Jinjiang Literature City and ZhangYue Technologies (creator of the 
iReader app) to adapt popular novels, comics and games into animations. 

Photo - 
Heaven Official's Blessing animation coming to Bilibili in 2020

Inspired by the classic Chinese story, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and 
adapted from its namesake comics, the anime series The Ravages of Time also 
made its debut at MADE BY BILIBILI 2019 - 2020 with the release of a trailer. 
Commissioned by Bilibili and iDreamSky Entertainment, The Ravages of Time will 
be produced by ZhuoHua Entertainment and become available on Bilibili in 2020. 

Bilibili also announced this year's winners of the "Little Universe" program. 
The program was first launched in 2016 and is dedicated to identifying young 
animation talent from all over China to train and integrate them into China's 
animation industry.

A video recap of the event and full lineup of new series available here 


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