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Monday, December 02 2019 - 13:46
Amorepacific plays key role in ASEAN-ROK cultural diplomacy
SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 2, 2019 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

- Latest K-Beauty trends and its vision of coexistence presented to First 
Ladies of ASEAN nations visiting for the ASEAN-ROK Commemorative Summit- 
 Amorepacific Group (Amorepacific) played a key role in cultural diplomacy 
through a showcase of K-beauty for the First Ladies of six ASEAN nations 
visiting Korea for the ASEAN-Republic of Korea Commemorative Summit.

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Amorepacific participated in the ASEAN-ROK K-Beauty Festival held at BEXCO, 
Busan from November 25 to 26 and presented its star brands popular among ASEAN 
customers, along with its corporate vision of coexistence and mutual growth at 
its exhibition booth titled the K-Beauty Harmony Zone.

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On November 26 Amorepacific's exhibition was introduced to the First Ladies of 
Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia and Philippines who came to the 
event with South Korea's First Lady Kim Jung Sook. The company's efforts to 
inspire customers, society, and the industry through mutual growth were 
presented. An opportunity to experience innovative digital technologies that 
will drive future growth of the beauty industry was also provided.

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At the exhibition, the First Ladies expressed their familiarity with the brands 
such as Sulwhasoo, Laneige and Innisfree, and tested Amorepacific's latest 
digital beauty device from its brand MakeON. Their interest in the diverse 
brand lineup highlighted the presence of Amorepacific's global brands that are 
now thriving in the ASEAN market.

They were also fascinated by innovative digital technologies highlighting the 
future of the beauty industry. The First Ladies showed great interest in the 
award-winning[1] IOPE personalized 3D printed facial masks, which caters to 
individual face shapes and skin conditions and can be printed within five 
minutes. A demonstration of the IOPE Lab Skin Solution service, a personalized 
consultation based on professional skin analysis and 1:1 examination, was also 

At the site, South Korea's First Lady Kim Jung Sook offered the MakeON Skin 
Light Therapy II device and Innisfree mascara product to the First Ladies as a 
gift. The Korean Blue House also presented Sulwhasoo Timetreasure Luxury Set to 
the First Ladies attending the Summit. Crafted by traditional Korean artisans 
exclusively for this occasion, the set includes a selection of Sulwhasoo's 
Timetreasure line placed in a Korean traditional wooden dressing stand engraved 
with ten traditional symbols of longevity and wrapped in the golden Korean 
bojagi embroidered in the same design.

Amorepacific entered the ASEAN market in 1998 first through Vietnam and has 
today expanded its business to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, 
Vietnam, and the Philippines. It has also been expanding its brand portfolio, 
which currently includes its five global champion brands - Sulwhasoo, Laneige, 
Mamonde, Etude, innisfree, and Hera, and Ryo. Amorepacific plans to further 
expand its reach and customer base in ASEAN as one of its key global growth 
bases in Asia.

[1] 'CES Innovation Honoree' award in the 3D Printing Category at the CES 
Innovation Awards 2020
source: Amorepacific