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Monday, December 09 2019 - 08:00
BankerBay is now Aurigin
NEW YORK, December 9, 2019 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

    - The Platform for Deal Origination

BankerBay, the world's largest private deal origination platform, announced 
today that it has rebranded to Aurigin, effective immediately. 

The Aurigin platform is already positioned as the leading mid-market deal 
origination resource with over $250 billion of live, investable deals and $30 
billion of new deal flow each month. The platform offers its 35,000+ members a 
truly global reach, with deal flow and investors from over 145 countries. The 
rebrand reflects the company's position as the premier resource for deal 

"When starting the company, my focus was on introducing technology to primarily 
disrupt the investment banking space. After 5-years, I realize that now we've 
evolved far beyond that. We are creating an environment of capital without 
borders, for companies around the world. As the single largest platform for 
deal origination, the new name – Aurigin, we feel represents more accurately 
who we are now," said Romesh Jayawickrama, founder and CEO.

Aurigin is dedicated to maintaining the commitment to quality that BankerBay 
was founded on.  Every single deal on the platform will continue to be vetted 
using a combination of sophisticated algorithms and an in-house team of 
experienced financial analysts, resulting in only institutional quality, 
relevant deals being offered to its members. This benefits members as they gain 
a truly global reach and are also able to deploy their human capital in a more 
efficient and targeted manner.

Having successfully built a powerful solution for the fragmented middle-market 
segment, the company is now expanding to another underserved segment – the 
impact investment space. A dedicated impact investment vertical, already in 
beta, stands to position Aurigin as the largest impact platform in the world.

"The impact investing space is in desperate need for a solution that will 
connect the undeployed investment capital sitting on the sidelines with 
qualified, appropriate deals. We are uniquely positioned to make these 
connections and I'm truly excited to be addressing this need, as, from day one, 
I wanted to breakdown the global barriers that often face the most deserving 
companies not having exposure to the right capital providers due to their 
limited, often localized reach," adds Jayawickrama.

The company's new website is available at The Company will 
maintain its headquarters in New York City. 

About Aurigin

Aurigin Inc. (formerly BankerBay) is the leading deal origination platform, 
which connects qualified corporates seeking capital with the most relevant 
institutional providers of capital around the world. Aurigin has built a large 
global network of professionals and uses powerful proprietary technology to 
help raise capital, buy and sell companies, and locate potential investments. 
Used by leading financial institutions across North America, Western Europe, 
APAC, Latam and MENA, Aurigin helps capital reach far beyond the traditional 
boundaries of sectors, geographies and personal networks. Please visit us at to learn more.


Source: Aurigin (formerly BankerBay)