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Wednesday, December 11 2019 - 01:54
Strive for More: GAC MOTOR Announces Brand and GS8 Launch in Russia
Moscow, RUSSIA, Dec. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

- GAC MOTOR's First Vehicle GS8 SUV is now for sale in Russia, Musician Basta 
Named as Product Ambassador
GAC MOTOR has announced the price for the GS8 luxury SUV to attendees and media 
during the GAC MOTOR Russian Brand and GS8 Launch Ceremony, held on Dec 9th in 
the Museum of Moscow. The GS8 SUV is GAC MOTOR's first vehicle to launch in 
Russia and will be priced starting from 1,898,000 rubles, along with a 
five-year/150,000km warranty and one-year of free roadside assistant service. 
For the first 200 GS8 owners in Russia, GAC MOTOR will provide three years of 
free maintenance, three years of free roadside assistant service and free 
winter tires. During this Ceremony, themed "Strive for more", GAC MOTOR also 
named Russian composer and musician Basta as the Product Ambassador of GS8 SUV.

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(Caption: Over three hundred guests witnessed the Launch of GAC MOTOR Russian 
Brand and the GS8.)

The Ceremony was witnessed by representatives from the Chinese and Russian 
governments. Guests from local dealers and media were also invited to celebrate 
this milestone moment. Many attendees said they believed that GAC MOTOR's 
products will exceed the expectation of the consumers in the Russian market.

"GS8 is an ideal creation for Russian consumers that opt for outstanding 
products. We will, starting with this flagship product, continue to enrich our 
product matrix and create an enjoyable life of mobility with Russian 
consumers." said Yu Jun,  Chairman of GAC MOTOR International Sales Company.

Already highly popular in other markets, the GS8 meets growing Russian market 
demand for luxury seven-seat SUVs, while enabling consumers to "strive for 
more" by opening up new experiences through greater mobility. 

A household name in Russia, Basta was selected as the GS8 Ambassador. 
Throughout his career, Basta has strived to break down boundaries of different 
roles and pursue a variety of life experiences, which is consistent with the 
message GAC MOTOR delivered - "Strive for more". 

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(Caption: GS8 Ambassador Basta gave a performance at the event.)

Basta said he was impressed by the GS8. "The driving experience of GS8 was 
better than expected. It surprised me with the power it generated from a 
standing start and acceleration." 

Created to provide quality, comfort and power to the whole family, the GS8 was 
designed with the philosophy of contrasting its powerful exterior with soft 
interiors. Contrasting its robust body and tough exterior, the cabin exudes 
comfort and warmth, featuring adjustable third-row seats and a panoramic 
sunroof, the spacious interiors provid families with a relaxing travel journey. 

Under the hood, the GS8's powertrain is equipped with GAC MOTOR's 
second-generation 320T engine, third-generation Aisin 6-speed AMT and 
second-generation intelligent four-wheel drive and all-terrain feedback system. 
Focusing on handling, off-road performance and best-in-class safety feature, 
the GS8 switches freely among six driving modes -- Sand, Mud, Snow, Smart, 
Sports and Economy -- and is ideally suited for the harsh and varied driving 
conditions of the Russian roads. 

Photo - 
(Caption: Li Jingyuan, Minister Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Russia, Xu 
Jinli, Chief Representative of CCPIT, and GAC's executives attended the 

The launch of the GS8 in Russia signals a new stage of international expansion 
for GAC MOTOR, following the automaker's announcement of its Russian market 
entry strategy and development plan earlier this year. The automaker has 
already made significant strides to expand into Russia, including participating 
in Moscow International Automobile Salon, Russian Association of Auto Dealers 
Annual Meeting, the St. Petersburg International Auto Show 2019, establishing 
its dealer network and setting up its overseas subsidiary in Russia to conduct 
localized operation and management of sales and service in Russia. 

Looking ahead, GAC MOTOR will launch more star models including the MPV and SUV 
in Russia, explore new opportunities to expand its dealer network to accelerate 
market penetration, and grow its Russian team to support product localization 
and market research.

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   Caption: Over three hundred guests witnessed the Launch of GAC MOTOR Russian 
Brand and the GS8.


   Caption: GS8 Ambassador Basta gave a performance at the event.


   Caption: Li Jingyuan, Minister Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Russia, 
Xu Jinli, Chief Representative of CCPIT, and GAC's executives attended the