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Contributor: Antara News Agency
Monday, December 16 2019 - 16:40
Religious leaders and policymakers gather in Jakarta to discuss Muslim-Buddhist relations in South and South East Asia
JAKARTA, Indonesia, December 16, 2019 /Antara-AsiaNet/ --

The Vienna-based International Dialogue Centre (KAICIID) and the Organization 
of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) will host a regional workshop on 18-19 December 
involving more than 65 religious leaders and policymakers from five different 
countries as part of efforts to promote understanding and cooperation between 
religious communities across South and South-East Asia.

The workshop, themed "Fostering inter- and intra-religious dialogue to prevent 
and mitigate conflicts in South and South-East Asia" is jointly organized by 
KAICIID and the OIC in partnership with the Indonesian Centre for Dialogue and 
Cooperation among Civilizations (CDCC) and the Jakarta-based Gusdurian Network. 
It also foresees the participation of senior representatives of the Association 
of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) institutions. 

Intra- and interreligious dynamics in South and Southeast Asia have become 
increasingly troubled over the past decade. Rising intolerance, whether along 
ethnic or religious lines, has caused divisions and raised security issues in 
various countries in the region. The workshop seeks to provide a platform for 
dialogue and exchange on interreligious relations in South and South East Asia, 
to facilitate collaboration between religious leaders from different faith 
backgrounds, and to foster relations with decision-makers on a regional level. 

"If we want to fight the effects of intolerance, which has become a worrying 
trend not just here in South East Asia, but all over the world, we must focus 
on the need to integrate different ideologies, different ways of life, and 
different religious beliefs", KAICIID's Secretary General Faisal bin Muaammar 
said about the importance of the encounter.

Key topics to be addressed during the workshop include the role of religious 
leaders in detecting hate sentiment and incitement to violence online, the 
facilitation of safe access to holy sites and ways to protect them, as well as 
the multiple challenges related to inclusiveness in the educational sector.
"Through this meeting, the OIC hopes to further engage religious leaders and 
policymakers in constructive dialogue on how multi-religious societies, 
including Buddhist and Muslim communities, across the region can come together 
not only for the wellbeing of followers of Islam and Buddhism but for the 
betterment of humanity at large,", the OIC Secretary General, Dr. Yousef 
Al-Othaimeen, said.

The meeting in Jakarta is the second of its kind, following a workshop that 
took place in Bangkok, Thailand in 2017 with the participation of 70 religious 
leaders and policymakers from the region. Based on the input from the event 
participants, KAICIID initiated its country programme in Myanmar. 


The International Dialogue Centre (KAICIID) is an intergovernmental 
organization that promotes dialogue to build peace in conflict areas. It does 
this by enhancing understanding and cooperation between people of different 
cultures and followers of different religions. The Centre was founded by 
Austria, Saudi Arabia and Spain. The Holy See is the Founding Observer. Its 
Board of Directors comprises prominent representatives from five major world 
religions (Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism). The Board 
designs and supervises the Centre’s programmes. 

About the OIC

The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), established in 1969, is the 
second largest inter-governmental organization after the United Nations with a 
membership of 57 countries spread over four continents. The Organization is the 
collective voice of the Muslim world. It endeavours to safeguard the interests 
of the Muslim world through the promotion of international peace, security and 
harmony in cooperation with countries of the world.

For accreditation, interview requests, photographs and more information, please 

The media is cordially invited to attend the opening ceremony on 18 December at 
9:00 am and the press conference, which takes place on 19 December at 3:30pm. 

Venue: Hotel Borobodur, Jl. Lap. Banteng Selatan, Ps. Baru, Kecamatan Sawah 
Besar, Jakarta, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10710, Indonesia