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Top Thai developer MQDC to build Thailand's first town purposefully designed for healthier, happier living at The Forestias
BANGKOK, Dec. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

The Forestias becomes Thailand's largest private sector property development at 
US$ 4.14 billion 

First project to put a forest inside an urban development 

'An Enchanted Community District in the Forest' 

Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC), one of Thailand's 
leading property developers, today, announced that it is increasing investment 
in its 48-hectare The Forestias development on the outskirts of Bangkok and 
expanding the project size from US$2.98 billion to US$4.14 billion to make it a 
new, global prototype for a town development. The increased investment makes 
The Forestias the largest property development project in Thailand.

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The project land size is also increased by from 48 to 63.7 hectares.

Mrs. Thippaporn Ahriyavraromp, Chairperson of MQDC, said, "We are building the 
world's first town that is purposefully designed for healthier living." 

"It is being designed and built by some of the world's most respected experts 
as well as leading global institutions to ensure that every aspect promotes a 
better quality of life" she said.

Mrs. Ahriyavraromp said that MQDC increased its investment in The Forestias 
"after receiving very good feedback from global partners, which encouraged us 
further along the road of creating a new type of development that is completely 
focused on the well-being of residents, the surrounding community, and to 

Among the most extraordinary features of The Forestias is a massive, 
sapling-planted 4.8-hectare forest area at its centre, anchoring a diverse and 
rich ecological system that will develop naturally in the years ahead.

"It's also the first time, anywhere in the world, that a forest of this size is 
being integrated into a city development to bring nature back into an urban 
setting, and which is one of the reasons why we call The Forestias an enchanted 
community district in the forest," she said.

The Forestias includes multiple residential components with villas and 
condominiums aimed at a diverse range of lifestyles and family sizes, as well 
as commercial space for offices, a sports complex, lifestyle activities, retail 
and food & beverage outlets, as well as family edutainment facilities in a 
Family Life Center.

There is a town center for community activities and cultural pursuits, a 
theatre, an event hall, markets, and a 1.6 kilometre elevated walkway that 
links many of the development's components and provides a 'nature-walk' that 
weaves above the forest. 

Another pioneering component is a residential area that is specifically 
designed to make life safer and more convenient for the elderly, including 
specialised facilities for daily activities, a clubhouse, and trained 

There is also a 5-star hotel and a large medical centre with state-of-the art 
facilities and some of Thailand's most eminent medical specialists.

Mr. Kittiphun Ouiyamaphun, Project Director-The Forestias, said, "Everything at 
The Forestias is designed with a common purpose to promote the good health and 
happiness of residents to a level never before undertaken, including the layout 
of the public spaces, home layouts, choices of materials used inside and 
outside homes, the integration of 21st century life technologies, the 
management of natural light, noise, heat, airflows, as well as air quality and 
water quality." 

Among the most important innovations at The Forestias is the way families are 
brought closer together across multiple generations through carefully planned 
residential components located around the development. 

"Each component is designed specifically for the needs of a particular age 
group, whether they're first jobbers, newlyweds, young families, or older 
parents. Locating them all in The Forestias allows parents, children, and 
grandchildren to live close together while still maintaining their independence 
and privacy," Mr. Ouiyamaphun added.

He said, "The cultivation of an immense forest, including a genuine deep forest 
area, at a cost of US$33 million is the centre-piece of our development, and 
helps people get closer to the diverse wonders of nature."

Mr. Ouiyamaphun said the forest is expected to act as a 'green lung', both for 
The Forestias as well as for nearby communities, and also produce a general 
cooling effect on the entire area, in addition to helping restore nature for 
the benefit of all.

"While being kinder to our planet ourselves, we also help our residents 
contribute to sustainability. For example, our state-of-the-art energy systems 
will help residents and visitors across the entire project reduce their carbon 
dioxide emissions by a staggering amount that is almost equivalent to what a 
4,800-hectare forest would absorb," he said. 

Mr. Visit Malaisirirat, Chief Executive Officer, MQDC, said, "MQDC aims to 
create great developments and, at the same time, encourage, through example, 
social responsibility and a concern for the wellbeing of all."

"The Forestias is pioneering new concepts in property development that enhance 
the quality of life of residents as well as of those in surrounding 
communities, while also promoting sustainovation," he said.

The Forestias is strategically located on the Eastern Economic Corridor, which 
is predicted to be the fastest growing development corridor in Thailand, and 
has easy access to major highways and mass transportation systems.

The construction of road systems and the pilings for infrastructure at the 
project are already 90 percent completed. 

Among some of the branded components of The Forestias are 'Whizdom' 
condominiums, 'Mulberry Grove' condominiums, 'Mulberry Grove Villas', 'The 
Aspen Tree' residences, 'Six Senses Residences', and a 'Six Senses' hotel.

SOURCE:  The Forestias by MQDC

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   Caption: Top Thai developer MQDC to build Thailand’s first town purposefully 
designed for healthier, happier living at The Forestias