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CIFF Guangzhou 2020 Grows in International Influence as it is set to debut a New International Brand Pavilion
GUANGZHOU, China, Dec. 30, 2019 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

The 45th China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou) (CIFF Guangzhou 2020) 
is scheduled to be held from March 18 to 21 and 28 to 31, 2020 in Guangzhou. 
The Fair will include three trade shows focused on three market segments: Home 
Furniture/Home Decor/Outdoor Furniture, Office Furniture, and CIFM/Interzum 
Guangzhou. It is also set to debut the International Brand Hall in the Office 

The 760,000m2 fair is ready to welcome 4,300 exhibitors and play host to more 
than 300,000 professional visitors from 200 countries and regions.  

As a flagship trade fair, CIFF has continuously promoted its international 
influence and the diversity of its offerings. The pavilion for global brands in 
Home Furniture section (Hall 3.1-5.1) has garnered much attention, with foot 
traffic increasing yearly.

At CIFF Guangzhou 2020, both well-known international brands, including Manwah, 
HTL, M&D, TA, KODA, Asiades, PREMIER and ACME, and rapidly developing new 
brands such as Sharda, In trading, Kappesberg, Merlino, Star and Diamond will 
all be present.

As part of a constant drive for innovation, Hall 9.3 in the Office Show will 
transform into an international brand pavilion hosting well-known brands for 
the "International Future Office Exhibition." The exhibition has been designed 
by CIFF to deconstruct and challenge the meaning of Office-Imagination, 
changing people's interaction with space, nature and society in the present and 
the future.

With the increasing international stature, CIFF attracts many high-quality 
exhibitors and professional visitors from both China and abroad. The CIFF 
Guangzhou 2019 hosted 297,759 visitors from more than 200 countries and 
regions, including international importers and exporters, dealers, retailers, 
brand chains, designers, architects, real estate developers and other 

While the number of visitors from prominent furniture markets UK, Russia, 
Italy, Germany and other European countries has continued to increase, the 
presence of buyers from emerging markets has also significantly increased. 

At CIFF Guangzhou 2019, the countries with the most significant growth in the 
number of buyers are Australia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, 
Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam as well as other Southeast Asian 
countries. The Fair has also seen steady growth in the number of visitors from 
the Middle East, most notably, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, while the number from 
Africa more than doubled. 

SOURCE:China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou)

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   Caption: CIFF Guangzhou 2020 is scheduled to be held from March 18 to 21 and 
28 to 31, 2020 in Guangzhou, China