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Contributor: Xinhua News Agency
Monday, January 20 2020 - 16:29
Xi'an extends a global invitation to celebrate the Chinese New Year in the ancient capital city
XI'AN, China, Jan. 20, 2020 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/ --

The Spring Festival is the most grand traditional festival in China. In Xi'an, 
the starting point of the ancient Silk Road, a 41-day Grand Party for the 
Spring Festival is taking place. The Enjoy Chinese New Year in Xi'an series of 
cultural tourism activities organized by the Publicity Department of the CPC 
Xi'an Municipal Committee and  Xi'an Culture and Tourism Bureau kicked off on 
January 1, 2020. With bright lanterns, colorful activities, and various 
delicious foods, Xi'an invites guests from all over the world to "Come to Xi'an 
to Celebrate the Chinese New Year".

Xi'an, widely known as one of the four ancient capital cities in the world, has 
a history of more than 7,000 years of civilization. The city blends history and 
modernity to create a unique urban charm. During the Spring Festival, you can 
take a walk on the walls of Xi'an City, enjoy the most gorgeous traditional 
Chinese lanterns, ring the bells and beat the drums at the Bell and Drum Tower 
and the Little Wild Goose Pagoda to celebrate the Chinese New Year, and 
participate in the themed Tang culture activities at the Grand Tang Mall to 
feel the golden age of the Tang Dynasty.

From January 1st to February 9th, Xi'an launches 46 key events and 255 mass 
cultural events that are centering around 9 themes, including New Year temple 
fairs, cultural performances, intangible cultural heritage performances, and 
colorful lantern shows. Tourists from all over the world can enjoy a brand-new 
experience that combines the "Cultural New Year", the "Happy New Year", and the 
"Foodie New Year".

In order to allow more global visitors to experience the joyful atmosphere of 
the Chinese New Year and understand the cooperative opportunities brought by 
Xi'an's booming economy, the city also specially invites 15 countries' 
ambassadors to China to "celebrate the Chinese New Year in Xi'an". Meanwhile, a 
large-scale Silk Road gala is about to begin: the online celebrities and the 
online media from the countries along the Belt and Road will share these great 
moments at Xi'an with the rest of the world; the Silk Road artists will compete 
on a single stage, conduct cultural exchanges, and convey good-neighborliness 
and friendship.

Xi'an takes advantage of its historical and cultural resources to create a 
first-class world tourist destination city, launch a series of cultural tourism 
brand activities, and create a distinctive urban cultural brand. According to 
data released by the Xi'an Culture and Tourism Bureau, Xi'an received more than 
300 million tourists from home and abroad in 2019 and earned a total tourism 
revenue of more than 310 billion yuan.

SOURCE: The Publicity Department of the CPC Xi'an Municipal Committee

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   Caption: The night view of Xi'an New Year Lantern Festival at the Lotus 
palace of Tang Dynasty.


   Caption: The actors are performing ancient costume shows at the Grand Tang