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Wednesday, February 05 2020 - 18:31
Proya donates over 90,000 EU standards-compliant face masks purchased from Europe to frontline medical staff in China's Hubei
HANGZHOU, China, Feb. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

More than 110,000 face masks, purchased from European countries by cosmetics 
maker Proya, were delivered to frontline medical staff in China's Hubei 
province on February 4. Accompanied by Proya executives, the face masks, 
including some 90,000 European standards-compliant masks (FFP3/FPP2, which 
outperforms N99/N95 in terms of filtration efficiency) and 20,000 disposable 
masks, were escorted by local police officers under the supervision of Hubei 
province government officials, as the delivery destination limits entry of 
non-locally registered vehicles. To date, Proya executives have successfully 
delivered 68,000 face masks to the 2nd People's Hospital of Xishui in Huanggang 
city, and an additional 43,880 masks to the Hubei Charity Federation. 

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(Designated donations of medical supplies)

Wuhan, the epicenter of the 2019-nCOV outbreak, was put on lockdown on the eve 
of the Chinese New Year. On that day, Proya established a special group for 
epidemic response. With co-founder and CEO Fang Yuyou serving as the general 
director, the firm also formally set up a RMB15 million (approx. USD2.2 
million) charitable public fund to enhance the effort to control and prevent 
further spreading of the 2019-nCoV virus. Proya has donated 4 million yuan to 
the cities of Wuhan, Wenzhou and Leqing as well as over 110,000 face masks to 
designated recipients. The firm will continue to do its utmost to meet domestic 
demand for supplies and to help prevent and control further spread of the 

Purchasing supplies from Europe for designated donations 

According to Mr. Fang, their previous donations were mainly in cash. Coinciding 
with the Chinese New Year, the unexpected 2019-nCoV outbreak caused a severe 
shortage of medical supplies across China. As a result, Proya focused more on 
supplies purchases, in addition to cash donations.

Among the more than 110,000 face masks Proya purchased from Europe, 68,000 were 
donated to the 2nd People's Hospital of Xishui in Huanggang, as the city faced 
a severity level in terms of the virus outbreak close to that experienced in 
Wuhan. As of February 3, Huanggang had reported 1,422 confirmed cases, of which 
210 took place in Xishui, the second largest populous county in the city.

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(Medical supplies delivered to the 2nd People's Hospital of Xishui)

Purchasing the face masks was a tough task. Immediately after the lockdown in 
Wuhan, Proya appointed Pan Xiang, director of the firm's European brand agency, 
to set up purchase teams. Due to tight supplies of medical protective devices 
in Europe, the purchase teams had to chase supplies in many European countries. 
The purchase task was even more challenging as Proya had to ensure the 
purchased items met the donation and use standards at China's domestic 

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(Purchasing supplies in many countries proved to be a difficult task)

"We visited a number of face mask makers across Europe. Notably, we spent over 
ten hours driving from Paris to Milan, as part of the purchase task. Moreover, 
we often worked all night to negotiate with our domestic colleagues due to the 
time difference," said Pan.

Seamless transportation to ensure in-time delivery 

How to deliver the supplies to frontline medical staff in Hubei province proved 
to be another challenge.

Applying for a fast path for the collection of donations with domestic and Hong 
Kong-based banks, negotiating with donation recipients on delivery issues and 
arranging for a flight to transport the medical supplies to China were all 
parts of Proya's effort. The firm's logistics staff was on call at the airport 
to ensure the fastest customs clearance. Wang Jianrong, general manager of 
Proya's manufacturing facility, escorted the delivery over the course of the 
entire delivery route to ensure smooth delivery. Proya staff worked day and 
night during each and every link of the delivery process to ensure in-time 
handout of the supplies. 

Photo - 
(Seamless transportation throughout the delivery process)

Each firm has instinctively taken on their corporate social responsibility and 
is doing their utmost in this urgent situation. Proya reconfirms its ongoing 
commitment via the immediacy of its response, noted Mr. Fang. 


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   Caption: Designated donations of medical supplies 


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