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Wednesday, February 26 2020 - 20:00
SoftIron Co-Founder, Mark Chen, Returns to Lead Company's Secure Provenance Strategy as CSO
LONDON, Feb. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

SoftIron Ltd., the leader in purpose-built and performance-optimized data 
center appliances, announces the appointment of Mark Chen to the role of Chief 
Security Officer. An original co-founder of the company, Mark previously served 
as the company's Chief Scientist before a professional sabbatical, and returns 
to lead the company's unique secure provenance strategy, aimed at reinforcing 
the company's security against root-level hardware and software compromises by 
both foreign and domestic actors. 

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The appointment of Chen to Chief Security Officer reinforces SoftIron's 
commitment to providing "clear box" solutions to customers using its superior, 
task-specific hardware, which currently includes storage and transcoding. Chen 
has been active in information security and engineering for more than twenty 
years, with an extensive background in cryptology, e-commerce, network 
security, application development, and embedded systems. He will work to 
enhance security in the engineering, manufacturing and auditing of SoftIron's 
products, which are designed, developed and assembled in California. 

Chen was formerly a senior engineer and security architect for Intuit, where he 
designed and built the security system for the world's first online retail 
banking system, and was responsible for conducting scalability, performance 
optimization, and failure-mode analysis on the system's high-volume 
cryptographic servers. Chen enters the role of Chief Security Officer with a 
clear vision to boost SoftIron's secure provenance strategy, bringing auditable 
transparency to every aspect of SoftIron's hardware and software products and 
ensuring the integrity of critical systems and data. This mission is taking on 
elevated importance as governments and other organizations roll out 
mission-critical Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Edge Computing deployments 
and are looking for new strategies to secure supply chains for technology and 
communications networks. (News note: On February 10, 2020, The National 
Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC) unveiled a new National 
Counterintelligence Strategy for the US( 
), addressing modern-day threats, including "adversaries attempting to access 
national supply chains at multiple points by inserting malware into important 
information technology networks and communications systems.")

"As computing systems become increasingly intertwined with the fabric of 
society, so too do root-level threats that can be used to exploit a range of 
critical assets such as sensitive communications, election results, and 
intellectual property. Developing strategic countermeasures against these 
threats is a priority across government and industry, but it has to start from 
a secure foundation: the very hardware and software we use to run these 
systems.  That's where we come in," said Phil Straw, CEO of SoftIron. 

"Our customers can take great confidence in the appointment of a legendary 
talent like Mark Chen returning to SoftIron to steer the organization across 
all aspects of security. Mark has been a pioneer in providing security in the 
digital age, having worked with companies like Intuit, VeriSign, RSA, Netscape, 
Certicom and more. We are proud to have him returning as part of our core 
leadership team and look forward to leveraging his considerable talent as our 
security chief." 

"Protecting our critical technology base against a growing and diverse array of 
adversaries becomes ever more important as society's reliance on technology 
increases," said Mark Chen. "The industry's constant drive to minimize 
production and material costs through outsourcing has created a situation where 
complex supply chains with opaque, multi-tier relationships are the norm. This 
environment offers deep shadows in which spies and hackers can thrive and 
invites root-level exploits in both hardware and software.  A compromised 
technology base, in turn, threatens industries such as energy, financial 
services, health care, and government. As I return to SoftIron as CSO, I am 
resolved to help drive our approach to secure provenance and to lead the 
industry in a new direction where root-level security becomes a planned 
priority, not a reaction to events that have already threatened lives and 

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About SoftIron(R)

SoftIron is the world-leader in purpose-built, performance-optimized, storage 
solutions from the data center to the edge. The company's HyperDrive(R) 
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