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Wednesday, February 26 2020 - 19:00
Heineken(R) Unveils New "When You Drive, Never Drink" Campaign Featuring Two Formula 1 World Champions
AMSTERDAM, February 26, 2020 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

Heineken(R) has launched a new When You Drive, Never Drink responsible 
consumption campaign featuring father and son duo, and former Formula 1 World 
Champions, Keke and Nico Rosberg. 

Through a relatable story of familial rivalry where the pair compete with each 
other in activities such as tennis and fishing, the TV commercial highlights 
that no matter how confident a driver you are, the best driver is always the 
one that doesn't drink and drive. Watch the new commercial here: 

The insight for the campaign was drawn from Heineken(R)'s global research on 
drink driving triggers.[1] This shows that overconfidence in driving ability 
after consuming alcohol is a key cause of drink driving. The research also 
showed that the prominence of alcohol-free options, including Heineken(R) 0.0, 
made a positive impact on drink driving behaviour.

Gianluca Di Tondo, Senior Global Brand Director Heineken(R) said; "For our When 
You Drive, Never Drink campaign to have impact, we first needed to delve into 
the deep-rooted causes of drink-driving. Our global research discovered that, 
while people don't set out to drink and drive, often when we're at the point of 
decision making, our good intentions falter in the face of temptation. These 
insights have given us the opportunity to better target our marketing to make 
real impact by developing a new communications campaign which focusses on the 
root causes of drink driving."

Nico Rosberg, Heineken(R)'s When You Drive Never Drink ambassador said: 
"Heineken(R) has devoted part of its F1(R) partnership to conveying a clear and 
compelling responsibility message that I myself share – one that leaves 
consumers in no doubt – when you drive, you never drink. The latest campaign 
conveys a really powerful message that, regardless of whether you're a 
professional driver or not, abstinence behind the wheel is the only option."

The campaign includes a 30, 60 and 95 second film, supporting digital and 
social assets and will be launched in multiple countries around the world. The 
film can be viewed on TV, online and across social media and is available in 
different formats. Heineken(R) will continue to communicate a powerful When You 
Drive, Never Drink message to a global audience through F1 circuit branding, 
TV, digital activations, live fan experiences and events, dedicated PR 
initiatives and packaging/point-of-sale activations.

HEINEKEN is committed to responsible consumption and uses the power of the 
global Heineken(R) brand to make moderate drinking cool. Every year, the 
company directs 10% of media spend to promoting responsible drinking across all 
operating companies selling Heineken(R), with a special focus on When You 
Drive, Never Drink.

[1] 1,000 drivers aged 25-54 in 10 markets (10,000 total) who consume alcohol 
at least once a month. Markets: Brazil, China, India, Italy, Mexico, South 
Africa, Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States and Vietnam.


Source: Heineken